Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tower Bridge - Opening Ceremonies

As usual, I tried to stay as far from the Olympic Park as possible for opening ceremonies.
I was trying to get to Florida, but alas, my request to make an early departure was denied (even after the double-homed network switch I tried to take credit for...)

Walking into the hotel last night I saw quite the crowd down on the riverbank, so I stopped to have a peek.

(click a pic to engorginate)

Oooh. Pretty lights!

Explosives- Cool!

I had no idea what was going on at the time, but as the speedboat came through we saw the torch in the bow at the last moment...

After shooting one or two more pics I headed up to my room and didn't even turn on the broadcast...
I didn't find out it was Beckham in the speedboat until this morning around 4:30... when I got up to go to work.
We've been catching replays of the opening ceremonies between events here at the IBC this morning.  Okay- off to Athletics this AM.
Now that the OC is done I can get over to the Stadium to set up for Track & Field.


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Luc said...

Awesome pitchures J! The missus and I loved the OC. Would have traded places with you. Break a leg!