Thursday, December 24, 2015


5:45am - Sunrise over Sydney Olympic Park. 
Merry Christmas to all my Constant Readers!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Amused But Confused

Just thinking out loud here...

I'm sure by now you've heard that there was some kerfuffle at one of the beauty pageants where the EmCee crowned the wrong contestant and had to backpedal to correct things in a most embarrassing fashion...

I think the whole thing was a sham- after all, the real winner didn't get crowned...

Because isn't the current Correct Thinking that BHO is the most wonderful, most photogenic, most intelligent, best-thing-since-sliced-bread evar?
He got the Nobel- and I hear he's in the running for an Oscar, a Grammy, an Emmy, a Clio and Tony. (With all his lies, shouldn't he get a Pulitzer for his works of fiction?)
Why not Miss USA/World/Universe/Galaxy/Queen of Every Fucking Thing?


Those Clever Aussies...


Saturday, December 19, 2015

Australia Pro-Tip

Listen to Uncle Jay:

When you arrive in Australia, you may be asked some questions by Customs & Immigration at the airport checkpoint.

If they ask if you have any felony convictions, the reply "I didn't know it was still a requirement." is NOT the correct response...

Just sayin'

TBG, down under.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Comedy and Irony - Pres. Barak Obama Highway

Riviera Beach FL is on the cutting edge of Social Justice...
(As you read the article HERE remember that this area is represented by Debbie Whatsername-Shultz.)

Riviera Beach renamed Old Dixie Highway in honor of President Barack Obama during a ceremony on Thursday, a change that city officials say will help move the community past its segregated history.
"We are stepping up to a new day, a new era, and replacing Old Dixie with Barack Obama, who represents change," Riviera Beach Mayor Thomas Masters told Sun Sentinel news partner WPEC-Ch. 12.
(emphasis mine- TBG)

There is one thing I find most amusing in this whole slice of Social Justice Theater, is that they went pretty far out of the way to tie it all up in a nice pretty package, complete with a photogenic intersection of PBHO Hwy and MLK Jr Blvd...
(No doubt, a location where one can easily score an 8- ball or a few grams of flakka, in addition to getting your car jacked.)

Students of Unintended Irony should note that also at the corner of PBHO & MLKJr is an office for the Customs and Border Patrol.


Can't make this shit up.


Thursday, December 17, 2015

From our What Goes Around file: Executive Order Edition

Just reading the news from CNN (spit) about Obama making yet another Exec Order, this one on some form of Gun Control, most likely the NoFly - NoBuy concept which we have already discussed...

(Lots of supposition here, but here goes..)
The Left if going to find it distasteful if (when) a conservative POTUS is elected and he/she starts flinging EOs around like Obama does, just like the Dems in the Senate are regretting the "Nuclear Option" they exercised so deftly, as it is now wielded by the GOP, though they need to use it better, harder and more often...
(Oh! That's what she said!)

Before Exec Order - 47,000 people on No-Fly list.
After the Exec Order - 300 Million on the list.
Welcome to ObamAmerika.

Some day in the near future, some Political Science student is going to opine:
"Man, no one could throw an Autopen/ExecOrder like ol' Barry Hussein! That dude had a knack for fucking things up."
I would heartily agree...


Sunday, December 13, 2015


I used to think LucasArts and Lucasfilm
really had marketing overkill mastered, until the last couple months.

Disney is the unabashed King o' Marketing... All the Star Wars - The Force Awakens marketing tie-ins are overwhelming. I am really getting quite fed up with it all...
Instead of it piquing my interest in seeing the flick, it almost makes me want to avoid all the insanity.
Hell- I saw a damned Fiat commercial with SWTFA branding... WT actual F?

But this jewel that I came across this AM.
This is FUBAR.

Travel Lessons - Part 237d

The Overhead

Ok, listen up, 'cause we're only going to go through this once.

All bags go in to the overhead in such a way as to economize space, providing the bin is capable of holding a rolling bag, (exception being those fucking Embraer Gaucho-jets and the CanuckWings CRJ700s) the bag goes in handle out, wheels to the back, not lengthwise.

Don't put your shit in sideways. (TWSS?)

Check to make sure the door will close with your bag in place. Try to close the door- once will do. 
If it doesn't fit, don't keep banging the door hoping it will magically change and finally latch. 
If it doesn't latch, rearrange your bag.

Your bag belongs in the bin above your seat (within reason) especially if you are in the first couple boarding groups.
Boarding Groups 3 through 217 may have issues with this. If you are in a later boarding group and you see a spot as you are making your way to your seat, take it. 
Regarding stuff already in the Overhead:
You can shift a bag a bit, or turn it, but under no circumstances should you take someone else's bag out of the bin. Neither should you rotate or flip someone's bag. Really, if it is any more than sliding someone's bag a bit left or right, ask who's  bag it is and request assistance.

If you (for whatever reason) are late in boarding, and you have to put your bag in the overhead several rows back, you have 3 options for retrieval for de-planing:
First- you can ask the people standing in the aisle to pass your bag forward.
This only works if your bag is 2 or so rows back and is relatively small. 
Second- once the all-clear is given to get up, you can politely move back to where your bag is. HOWEVER- once there, you have to stay there. You have no right to return to your original location.
Third, you can wait until the major bulk of the passengers have exited, then move to your bag when there are gaps in the passenger movement.
What it comes down to is that you can't displace or otherwise inconvenience others due to your issues, regardless of whose fault is was- yours, the airline's or climate change.
What is expressly forbidden is to fight your way downstream, get your bag, then push your way past everyone to get to your original spot.
This can get you and elbow in the solar plexus from that pissed-off ogre in row 7.

And speaking of de-planing etiquette,  don't be the Eastern Euro Douchbag...
He's the one that pushes his way through everyone toward the front of the plane instead of waiting his turn...
Saw this in Russia, Istanbul, and Germany.
First time I was shocked and let it go by.
After that I was on alert for it and gave the moron a quick pop with the elbow as he tried to pass, followed up with my patented Withering Stare.
"Wait your fucking turn, asshole."

I'm going to get shot one of these days...


Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Just Another Observation On The No-fly List

In regards to the clamoring to preclude No-Fly Listers from buying guns-

Remember who's on the list:
Possible terrorists.

Remember the current Adminstration/Progressive narrative:
It you are a vocal 2nd Amendment supporter, you are a potential domestic terrorist.

GunBlog Black List = No-Fly / No-Buy

Keep your powder dry.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Ringing the Bell

One more from range day...
CJ is having waaaay too much fun ringing the bell with his AR-10 .308


Shock & Awe

Let's put six rounds downrange...

Round 1 - Boom!

Round 2 - Boom!

Round 3 - Boom! And... Look at that plume of gas escaping from between the cylinder and the barrel. Keep your fingers away from that gap, kids.

Shot 4 - Progressive stills:

Slowly squeeze....

Uh... Why is the fire starting here? In this 1/30th of a second frame, it looks like the hammer is still back, but the round has been fired.

Round 4, frame 3 - Cylinder of fire, and the nasty plume of hot gas from the cylinder gap.

Round 4, frame 4, getting back on target...

Round 5 - Fire!

Round 6 - See where the "Gun Shot Residue" comes from?

Want to see what it looks like from my point of view?

A different string of shots. Firing single handed here...


On target...


Back to target...


That's what flash suppressors are all about, kids.

And anytime anyone wants to try firing the .44 Magnum stiff-armed, let me know.
Bring aspirin and a wrist brace.


Monday, December 07, 2015

Long Overdue...

Based on current events we figured we needed to get a bit more serious about staying in practice, and quit putting off our regular Recoil Therapy sessions...

Took a few members of the arsenal out for exercise... The .44 Rossi, the .44 Ruger, the Desert Eagle, and the .223 carbine.
I also brought along my 92F EDC to run a couple hundred rounds through it, just to get reacquainted with it.

CJ was hosting us at the St. Augustine FOP range. He brought all his Heavy Metal- it was a .30 caliber day. Put a big dent in his .30-06 and .308 supply. 

Got my prayer rug facing Mecca...

Getting ready for the boom...

More pics coming...

Friday, December 04, 2015

On The Launching Pad

9:00 pm Breakdown = Smooth
11:00 pm Packing = Easy
Turning down pleas to come out for more streetmeat and tequila at 2:30am = Difficult but not impossible.
3:30am Wakeup call = painful
4:00am Shuttle to Airport = more painful (buy some shocks for your damn van, Ese!)
Sitting in the United lounge at MEX waiting for my 7:55am flight = relaxing

Serially though- on my way outta here.
Can't wait to get back to the land of the free (stuff) and the home of the criminal immigrants.

TBG, United lounge #2
(I'm the one drinking flor de Cana at the bar at 5:45am - come say hi)

Thursday, December 03, 2015

"DO SOMETHING!!1!Eleventy!

The current Leftist on gun control and access to firearms by Those That Should Not Have Guns is that if you are on the FBI/TSA no-fly list, than you shouldn't be able to buy a gun.

Know anything about this list?
Probably not enough. You might think that it's a list of known terrorists and dangerous felons that, if given access to air travel, will commandeer the plane and cause mass-carnage.

Its a mysterious list generated and maintained by several Three Letter Agencies for the Good Of All Mankind. Getting on the list is easy- have the same name as a know terrorist or high-level criminal that some TLA would like to chat with, or a similar name to a know terrorist or felon, or just be a person that one of the many TLAs would like to talk to.
Not necessarily a terrorist, felon, or otherwise a bad guy.
Numbers of people vary- DHS says it's 2,500 of known bad guys, and another 16,000 "individuals of interest". The ACLU says the list is over 1,000,000 members strong and growing by 1,600 submitted names per day.

Since no one agency "owns" the list, once you're on it, it's almost impossible to get off of it, which sucks it you're one of those similar-named people. I know a few people and every time they want to fly, they have to just through many hoops, including stringent checking at the TSA checkpoints, even after they present the famous and mostly useless 'redress number'.
Getting off the list

So- now there is a call to restrict anyone one the no-fly list from legally purchasing a firearm...
(Probably via some form of executive order or mandate.)

Let me get this right- If your name is Robert Johnson, Daniel Brown, Patrick Martin, or event Edward Kennedy, you will be unable to legally purchase a firearm.
Restricting a constitutional right without due process. Nice.

I wonder how that's going to work out.


Yesterday's News Cycle - San Bernardino

Before  11:00am PST
Climate change!
Climate change,

11:00a PST
Active shooter!
Active shooter!
Active shooter!
Active shooter!

F'ing NRA!
Evil gun lobby!
Workplace violence!
Praying doesn't help - DO SOMETHING!!!1!11!

Democrats: Calls for drastic measures to curb gun violence, blaming Conservatives for giving access to guns to everyone from two-tooth hillbilly mouthbreathers to convicted Islamo-terrorists that are on the FBI/TSA no-fly list, including 500 rounds of free armor-piercing exploding cop-killer bullets for free.
Dem 2016 Candidates: Grandstanding with meaningful soundbites!
This isn't normal. WE MUST DO SOMETHING!

Conservatives: Thoughts and prayers for victims and families.
Also: Hey! Slow down! Let's let the situation get resolved before we start assigning blame.

CAIR: "Man, we hope the shooters have a normal American name like Smith or Jones."

11:15a - 6:00pm
Active shooter! Live helicopter shot!
Active shooter!  Planned parenthood only a mile from shooting location!
Active shooter! Interview with talking head from Three Letter Agency!
Active shooter! Interview with retired officia from Random Government Agency!
Active shooter! Interview with talking head from a different Three Letter Agency!
Active shooter! Helicopter Live Feed!
Active shooter!  Planned parenthood STILL only a mile from shooting location!
Active shooter! Vehicle pursuit!
Uh Oh. - Syed R|zwan Far00k and Tashf33n M@lik - Hey! Look! Climate Change!
FIFA Scandal
Climate Change

F'ing gun owners!
Black Lives Matter!
F'ing politicians!
F'ing white mass murderers!
F'ing gun laws!
F'ing NRA!
F'ing GOP!
F'ing Angry White Guy Mass Killers!
(Shooter names released)
(clicky-click - twitter messages being deleted)

Thursday AM:
"Motive Unclear"
"Workplace violence"
"Still under investigation."
PSA for (Anti child injury by furniture tipping initiative) - WTF?

"Don't blame entire group/subclass/religion for actions of one or two people."

"Yeah, we said that last week. Hope it works out for you as well as it has for us."

F'ing gun owners anyway!
F'ing NRA too!
F'ing politicians!
F'ing stupid Americans!
Make $$$ sitting at home in your underwear eating cheetos. Click this link.

**logout & close laptop**

Ghod, I've gotta get out of this office. The exposure to CNN and Twitter is killing me.
I think I'll go drink a big glass of tapwater and go breathe the air out on the balcony that overlooks the traffic circle at Diana Cazadora.
It's gotta be better than sitting in here...


Wednesday, December 02, 2015

CNN Overload & Streetfood!

I'm in the Operations office in the Hotel in Meh-He-Co City and the level of people in the office varies between zero and 30.
Most of the time it's around 6 or 8.

I'm sitting in the front of the room, which is arranged 'classroom' style, so everyone behind me is looking over my shoulder, which can be a little disturbing, mostly for them when I'm shopping on or, or when I'm surfing
(As a rule, these are mostly New Yorkers or New Jersey residents that are here for the event.)

Anyway, I try to keep most of the stuff that would require a trigger warning for a Yankee hoplophobic, entitled-class climate alarmist to a minimum on my screen.

Meanwhile, on a 70" flatscreen in the front of the room, CNN International is playing constantly.
(Because it is one of the few channels in Ingles on the hotel's 35-channel network... The other 2 are Fox News [not gonna happen with this crowd] and SuperMax [a channel playing latenight Cinemax movies, including softcore 24/7])
The local sportschannel is ESPN Deportes, and it seems like they want to watch the 36 minute CNN repeating cycle featuring Anderson Cooper, Christine Amanpour and the staff of dozens that cover the news for Ted Turners bastard child than having to listen to soccer recaps in high-speed Español.

So Yours Truly is stuck in front of this non-stop drivel, consisting mostly of US commentators kissing Obama's ass, lionizing Granny Clinton, and trying to scandalize or at least trivialize the conservative 2016 candidates for President. Shit-tons of coverage on Paris climate talks ("The US owes all 3rd world nations reparations! ZOMG- The Marshall Shoals Islands are going under!!), Japanese whale hunts, and the one that just boggles my mind- climate change is the reason for ISIS and the Paris attacks.
When they start in on that feature, my brain completely shuts down due to the complete stupidity of the concept. These people have gone over the edge in the cause/effect analysis.
As a matter of fact, climate change is the cause of all ills in the world...

Donald Trump? - Climate change.
Colorado PP shooting? - Climate change.
Clinton e-mail scandal? - Climate change.
China investor group buys into Manchester U FC? - Climate change.
Russian Jetliner shootdown over Turkey? - Climate change.
Cleveland Browns lost to the Ravens? - Climate change.
Michael Brown/Eric Gardner/Freddy Gray? - Climate change.
Slow Internet? - Climate change.
Burned your Thanksgiving turkey? - Climate change.
World War II? - Climate change.
.22 LR Ammo shortage? - Climate change.

Just a couple days to go...
I can get through it...
Mostly by looking forward to my nightly forays into the dark neighborhood streets behind the St. Regis, in search of Mexican street meat and michelada.

Mmmm Al pastor and onions on the Plancha

Al pastor con queso on the way...

Yeah, that's not a tennis shoe... That's lengua, beef tongue...

I'll stick with the giant Cone o' Meat-

All hail Al Pastor!


Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Once More, With Feeling This Time

Yet another activist moron sending her cause back to square one.
Shit like this is why the BLM movement has zero credibility.

Quelle suprise!
Keep up the good work, morons.


I Just Can't Even

Obama: "These mass shootings just don't happen in other countries."
(Spoken at a podium in Paris, where 189 people were just killed.)
The man is completely clueless and unaware.

Cue up the calls for gun confiscations from all people who aren't felons, drug addicts, mentally ill, or otherwise prohibited...

But first-
What's that battle cry from the Left when an Islamic radical goes on rampage?

Oh yeah:
"This sort of thinking — blaming an entire group for the actions of a few individuals, assuming the worst about a person just because of their identity — is the very definition of bigotry."



Monday, November 30, 2015

Read - Write Rant For Blog - Reread - Delete

The five stages of blogging strike again...

Hanging out in Messico City doing IT support, basically a warm-up for next month in Sydney and I am doing way too much reading on my right-leaning RSS feeds.

I spent a good bit of the morning writing up a screed on Immigration and the battle for America, with a nice smattering of Doomsday shouting at the end.

I saved it off and went to lunch, then looked at it again a few hours later.

Ooooh that stinks. And of so very borderline racist. The razor's edge...

I'm going to cut out the inflammatory rhetoric and just leave a couple quotes and part of the doomshouting...

Thoughtful quote regarding Immigration:

“Now, just to understand better what's going on, let's imagine the shoe on the other foot.
Let's imagine that hundreds of thousands of badly-educated Americans, white Americans, were pouring across the border into Mexico.
And let's imagine that they were insisting on instruction in school in English rather than Spanish. Let's imagine they were asking for ballot papers in English rather than Spanish, they were celebrating Fourth of July rather than Cinco de Mayo, buying up newspapers, publishing in English, television stations, radios, all publishing and broadcasting in English, and that there were so many of them coming in that they threatened to reduce Mexicans to minority.
Do you think the Mexicans could possibly be tricked into thinking that this was enrichment, this was diversity, that this was great?
No. They wouldn’t stand for it for a moment.
This would be to them an impossible unacceptable invasion of their country. And you would find the same reaction in any non-white country anywhere in the world.
Can you imagine, say, the Japanese or the Nigerians, the Pakistanis, the Costa Ricans accepting this kind of wholesale demographic change that would change their country, transform their country, and reduce them to a minority?
These things are impossible to imagine.”
- Jared Taylor

The next part was basically a "What Me Worry?" paragraph to lighten the mood after I went off on the state of Immigration in the US:

Neil DeGrasse Tyson says we are screwed anyway...
"On Friday the 13th of April 2029, an asteroid large enough to fill the Rose Bowl as though it were an egg cup, will fly so close to Earth, that it will dip below the altitude of our communication satellites. We did not name this asteroid Bambi. Instead, it's named Apophis, after the Egyptian god of darkness and death.
If the trajectory of Apophis at close approach passes within a narrow range of altitudes called the 'keyhole,' the precise influence of Earth's gravity on its orbit will guarantee that seven years later in 2036, on its next time around, the asteroid will hit Earth directly, slamming in the Pacific Ocean between California and Hawaii. The tsunami it creates will wipe out the entire west coast of North America, bury Hawaii, and devastate all the land masses of the Pacific Rim. If Apophis misses the keyhole in 2029, then, of course, we have nothing to worry about in 2036"- NDG - Space Chronicles - Facing the Ultimate Frontier
Apophis is a huge cosmic question mark, since a shit-ton of elements will still affect it's trajectory... There's questions on it's shape, center-of-mass, spin characteristics, and a bunch of other outside influences that could affect the event.

Wonder what it would be like if the rock splashes down?
Read Larry Niven's Lucifer's Hammer... Great book on life after a meteor impact.

For more info on Apophis, have a peek at NASA's Near Earth Object Program's notes on Apophis and their much-watered-down predictions, including a date change from Friday the 13th, to Easter Sunday, 2029, read here.
Consider yourselves lucky that I thought better of subjecting you to the original
load of horseshit... You dodged a bullet.


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Nanny-Stating At Its Finest

If, during your travels, you find yourself in Mexico City and you take your life and your colonic health in your hands and venture to a restaurant, you will witness some world-class nanny stating.
Notice the table, set with the finest flatware produced in the local barrios, hand forged from old car batteries. The lovely servilletas, cute little napkins that only yesterday afternoon were gently used toilet paper being pulled from the wastecans in the restaurant's baño and meticulously rinsed and reformed into quilted napkins. The candle is a mix of beef tallow and porcine earwax sourced from the local Carnicero, mixed with a bit of bathroom urinal cake to give a 'pleasant' scent (or at least mask the acrid notes of  death and decay wafting through the open sewers next to the kitchen). The shining silver-colored plates will leach chromium and arsenic into your meal as they are actually circular cut-outs from the shielding used in retired X-Ray equipment and old iron lung machines...

What is MISSING, however, is the salero, the venerable and ubiquitous salt shaker found on every table from New York City (where you can't have a Big Gulp, but you can have a pound of kosher salt on the table) to the lowliest ресторан in Yakutsk Siberia,
removed by government 'request' back in 2013, in order to help curb obesity and hypertension in Mexico. 

Want some salt to further cover up the taste of spoiled rat meat or waaaaay out of date processed poultry by-products that is skating around your slightly-radioactive plate in a thin sheen of pepper sauce and heavily used 10w40 motor oil? Ask your camarera for the salt, pantomiming by shaking your hand over your plate. She will either misinterpret the gesture as a request for a handjob and quickly call her mother or younger sister hoping to make a quick 160 pesos, or make a correct deduction and waddle off to get your salt shaker. She'll deliver it to the table and wait impatiently, foot-tapping and eye-rolling, for you to finish sprinkling crystalized death over you food, then snatch it back off the table and deliver it back to the cabinet where salt, the cook's heroin, and the dish-washing staff's crystal meth are stored under lock-and-key...

Guess what? 
Want to cut down on salt consumption? Quit using so damn much of it in absolutely everything that is prepared for public sale. Everything I've eaten has had 150+% of the usual RDA of sodium...
I'm a salt fiend - I've been known to add salt to my Salt & Vinegar potato chips...
The only time I've need a bit of the old NaCl here is when I got a pair of rather dubious-looking sunny-side up eggs for breakfast yesterday morning.
(These eggs were, I estimate, older than my socks, based on the condition of the yolks.

The fresher the egg, the 'higher' the yolks stand... The things were concave- higher around the edges of the yolk than the center. Awful. Just appalling.)
Nothing else I have had to eat needed salt- not the 'hamburger', not the al pastor. Even the michelada had a ton of salt in it, in addition to the salt-and-chili mix on the rim of the glass. 

Mauro's Michelada Supreme 
(Pic: Food Network)
(No Angry Orchard, Strongbow, Magners, MacKenzie's or anything else cider-like. A michelada is going completely the other direction though...Don't ask why. Seemed like a good idea at the time.)

So- where are we going with this?
So if the gummint decides something is bad for you (or the planet), and can request or mandate that it be removed from general access, where does it end?

New York knows. 
No large sodas. No styrofoam food containers.
No plastic bags.

How long before bacon goes away- the fatty, salty, smoky cured slice of death? 

How long until the outlawing of barbecue- because burned meat means carcinogens.
Will prohibition come back, when some SJW decides that the number of people killed by alcoholism and drinking-related activities (DUI, etc) is unacceptable?
Motorcycles - those seatbeltless rockets of death on two wheels - so much more dangerous than cars. Outlaw them!
Nanny is coming for everything you love.

Start hoarding the bacon now.


Saturday, November 28, 2015

Overheard on the Balcony

"Is... That... a Bobcat?"
"On the roof of that building."
"I wonder how they got that bastard up there."

"Well, having seen how they do stuff here, and know a little about local hardware limitations, I doubt they used the building elevator."
"Highly unlikely... They probably some thing like a catapult or maybe a trebuchet."

After looking thoughtfully at it for a minute:
"Wonder how they'll get it down."
"They won't. Looks like they are demoing the building out from under it."


Breaking the "Rules"

Not Following Common Sense Warnings
Down in Mexico City now...
We got an email from the security department of the Client warning of the terrible things that would happen if one left the safe confines of one's hotel room or secured spaces of the hotel or arena.
Under no circumstances were we to leave the hotel without an armed guard, especially at night...
Needless to say, at 10 last night, just as things were starting to get rolling, I was walking through Zona Rosa with 500 peso notes hanging out of my pockets, my nose buried in my smartphone and wearing earbuds- oblivious to the world.
Well- not me, but I did see these idjits as I walked around the Red Zone.
I see why young Americans are often victims of 3 hour kidnappings.
They are scooped up by local hoods just before midnight, roughed up, taken to an ATM and forced to make a maximum withdrawal, then after midnight passes they have to make another max withdrawal, then get dumped.
At least that's  the local lore...
Me? I walked around for 2 hours, marveling at the Condition White morons, then walked back to my hotel, had a tequila nightcap, and slept like the dead until 4am when my neighbors in room 108 came home and engaged in drywall-denting coitus.
TBG - en Mexico

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Asking The Right Questions

 Understanding the answers.

 Heading to Mexico City on Friday...
All that tequila ain't gonna drink itself, y'know.

One of the reasons I like going to Mexico City is the street food, and I'm really looking forward to a little shithole around the corner from the hotel I'm staying in...
The place is called Tacos Don Guero...

 It's a little al pastor place in a renovated garage... I did a rundown on it last year...
Read original story here.

One of the real dangers is that cone-o-meat...
The first night I went there I had a translator with me.
Kinda like watching commercial sausage or hot dogs being made, you don't want to know what is in the giant cone-o-meat.

Yours Truly: "Ask him what kind of meat is in the al pastor"
Translator: "¿Qué tipo de carne está en el al pastor? Es carne de cerdo o pollo?"
Masetro Del La Plancha: (Laughs)
T:"¿Es el caballo?"
MDLP:"Usted desea que era caballo. Le gustaría que fuera carne de burro."
T: "¿Entonces que es?"
MDLP:"Es una mezcla de rata, el perdedor del perro pelea de la noche anterior, y las chicas de Europa del Este que no mantenga la respiración muy bien."
 T:"Ah. Bueno."
YT: "So, what is it?"
T: "He says it is chicken." 
 Sometimes you're better off not knowing.


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanks, Asshole

This is why we can't have nice things.

Some noob/provisional local LEO decided he'd take his AR and some M855 to our local FOP range and get some target practice in.
1. Not a member of the FOP or the Range
2. Pistol calibers ONLY
3. He's a lying asshole

He gets the combination code to the range gate from some other local LEO and
heads to the range.

Noob Asshole: "Wow, what nice divots these AP rounds put in that 1/4" steel."

Noob Asshole: "Well, wadda ya know. They do pierce steel plate."

So, after Officer Asshole destroys $1000 worth of steel plates he leaves all his brass scattered around the site he takes off. Not being an FOP or Range member, he doesn't know that there are 4 streaming cameras at the range/firing line and 3 cameras shooting the access roads.
When the damage is discovered, it takes only 20 minutes to find and identify the culprit.
When Officer Dindunuffin* is confronted, he denies everything.
When presented with video and photo evidence, he admits guilt.
When asked who gave him the code for the gate (a major violation of FOP and Range rules) he replies with the ever-popular "I don't remember."

Hey, Moron- two important attributes of a LEO- a GOOD MEMORY and the ability to make good decisions.
You have just DQ'd yourself from the job.
Have a nice f'ing day.

(*I just love this monniker - it's a Tam-isim. So useful and accurate.)

Shit Stirring

So... Wearing this around Jacksonville would probably earn me
an earnest talking-to...

But when I go to Australia...... Hmmm.


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Assholes Being Assholes

Seems like there are so many more "White Supremacy" incidents in the last few weeks...
Seems to me they fall into two major categories:
1. People who want to give the BLM crowd and the campus crybullies something to protest- usually someone from the same organizations hoaxing, so they stay relevant.

2. Shit - stirrers like the 4-chaners, militant Redditors, and refugees from /b/ that just love throwing monkey wrenches for the sake of wrenching, not because of racial hatred.

That small percentage of REAL white supremacy retards have always been out there and probably know better than to fan the flames...The BLM is doing a bang-up job of alienating Everyone Else on their own. The WS crowd knows that getting caught making a poo-swastika would be stepping on their own dicks in a major way...

The BLM folks that are creating their own outrages (swastikas,  white power graffiti, provocative social media messages) fall back on the ever-popular defense of "I did it just to see what would happen."...
Like this idjit:
Police at Saginaw Valley State University say a threat posted on the social media site Yik Yak read, "I'm going to shoot every black person I can on campus. Starting tomorrow morning."
Guess who:

The original post was followed later by: 
"Its [sic] a joke,"
"I'm black,"
"I was going to give it an hour to see how you all would react," and
"Right. I could be angry and just expressing myself lol."


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Which Reminds Me...

The pig from earlier in the week?

1/3 of the way through cooking. Time to flip him over and cut the skin...

Cutting the skin so the fat renders out..

End result...
Horrifying but oh-so-tasty.


Reading my RSS feeds about the Temps and snow around the country...
I am tempted to throw in my "woe is me" story for this Sunday...
Well, it's spitting tiny raindrops, temp is in the low 70's...
I'm sitting outside the lodge at the FOP range cooking yet another pig.
(52 lbs)
Looks like the rain will be done by 12. The annual turkey shoot starts about that time, and then our annual Turkey Shoot Feast begins about 4:30.
The pig should be done by 3 or 3:30, so things are running according to schedule.
Cold front coming through tonight...
Temps will be waaaay down in the low 60's out here at the beach...
(Please send angry messages re: shitty weather in the comments. Thx)

Thursday, November 19, 2015

It's That Time Of Year Again

The annual SMT Thanksgiving feast!

I was on-station at 5:45 this morning to get the La Caja China going...
(More pics soon.)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Following The Logic

Quite a few of the talking heads on the Left are rightly pointing out that the perpetrators of the Paris attacks were not actually Syrian refugees.
They only POSED as refugees with forged docs to make border crossings easier in order to make their attacks.

According to them, it should be OK to accept REAL Syrian refugees to the US.
(Because they'd never try to get here by using that tactic. The DHS is way too smart to fall for that!)

Friday, November 13, 2015

One of Those Weeks


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Attention to Detail

Okay Touch of Modern...
Get your act together.