Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Yes, I'm Still Alive.

Busy (and about as graceful) as a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest...

So, a while back I was getting chastized because I hadn't updated the ol' Blog in a while, so I sat down and dashed off the following, but never got around to publishing it...
After several inquiries from Constant Readers, I guess the word around the campfire is that I have shuffled off my mortal coil and joined the bleedin' choir invisible...
Sorry, no.
Please see the somewhat dated post below to give you a cross section of Uncle Jay in Tampa Bay...

I know. Silence is golden.
(Random thought: Get a Golden Retriever and name it Silence in order to have a bad pun on hand at all times... Probably not an original thought... Let me check... Nope.)
So I've been a little quiet...
Basically I've been swamped with my new job that it's difficult to dedicate the time required to put together a good blog post...
Famous the St.Ass was down here in Tampa last week; He took a few minutes out of our visit to chastise me for my lack of posting.
Basically I don't have too much to complain about- (workwise, that is-
I could go on and on about The Aggrieved Left and their participation trophy mentality).
I also don't spend too much time sitting in airports (one of my go-to spots for blogging) so my usual writing location is unavailable.
When I'm at my desk (typically 7:30a to 9:00p or as late as 11:30p on a game/concert night) I'm heads-down on licensing, budgeting, staff schedules, surveys, documentation, research or resource evaluation...
Blogging? Ain't nobody got time for dat.
I do try to keep up with other blogs, (living vicariously through Tam, OldNFO, Roberta, Borepatch, McThag, Robb, and the rest of the Usual Suspects.
At best I throw a pic up on Instagram now and then... (Follow me at Gojira15 if you'd like.)
But, so much bullshit in the last few weeks from the Political maelstrom...
I find it so humorous that the Left has such short and selective memories.
For the last eight years it's been "shut up, we won, deal with it" and Dissent is Racist, and now it's all Not My President, Dissent is Patriotic, and Electoral College is BS- Majority Vote Rules!
The Democratic sure loved the Nuke option in the Senate back when they had control...
Now, of course it's un-American to utilize their tools against them...
And the Trump Derangement is thick and heavy.
So much angst from The Aggrieved Left.
So, a few bullet points:

  • Gosh. He actually made promises, people voted for him, and now he's keeping his promises? UnPossible.

  • It's funny how most major "news" organizations are now "opinion" organizations.

  • So-called News organizations report "facts" that are spun and written so contextually misleading so they can be called facts, when the actual narrative is pure bullshit.

  • Celebrities should just shut up about politics.

  • The Media (and by association the unwashed, illiterate Aggrieved Left) will focus on one sentence that can be misinterpreted or spun as incorrect, and thus call out *everything* Trump or his Spox says as complete lies and falsehoods.
    (Apparently they just learned to read after November 9th 2016. Where the fuck was this so-called fact checking 2008-2016?)

  • Does the Media (& The Aggrieved Left) understand the difference between "Health Care" and "Health Care Insurance Coverage"?
    No one is taking health care away from anyone. Stop being scare mongers.

And on the same note-

  • All the Planned Parenthood supporters that are up in arms... stop lying to yourself and others about what goes on there and just fund that crap yourself... no one is talking about overturning Roe vs. Wade.

  • And still on the same note- no one in the Trump Admin says "No Immigrants".
    What they are saying is "Hold up a sec so we can get some *effective* safety checks in place IF YOU ARE COMING FROM SPECIFIC LOCATIONS OF PROVEN RISK.
    Immigrants are fine IF EVERYONE PLAYS BY THE SAME RULES.
    (By the way- Go have a peek at oh-so-enlightened Australia or even Canada for some hugely stringent immigration rules.
    Hint: Most asshole celebrities who bragged about moving to Canada or elsewhere wouldn't qualify... But Trump supporters probably would...but that's another blog post.)

  • Popular vote vs Electoral College and Illegal Alien voting.
    The Media (and the Aggrieved Left) love to call out President Trump and his Minions about the popular vote levels and ridicule them for talking about vote fraud (illegals voting, dead people voting, multi-voting...etc).

    Problem is that the Left is usually in charge of the voting precincts where the fraud happens, and they'll never be straight about getting it corrected.

    Case in point- the final election results in South Florida were held up for HOURS in order to keep Florida from being called for Trump and thus altering the turnout in the western states as things were going south for Hillary.

    The Left kept point out that with Florida still a toss up it was important to motivate every John and Jane (or more likely Juan and Juanita) to pull the election out of the crapper for Clinton.

  • And they are Illegal Aliens, not undocumented workers. If you broke immigration law coming here, you're a criminal. Fuck you, go back and come back in through proper channels. And take your anchor babies (regardless of age) with you. FTMF.

  • Build the fucking wall.
  • Tampa Lefty media employs so many strawmen in their news opinion stories that they need to be audited for their employment practices.
  • The Aggrieved Left needs to embrace "Good for goose, good for the gander" concept, except it would be construed as sexist, as opposed to equality-seking as the phrase was originally intended.
  • Thank Ghod I don't travel like I used to. If one of these spontaneous protests had caused me to miss a flight, I would definitely be on the local (and perhaps national) news, and a number of protesters would get the unique experience of riding in a ambulance with broken bones and their teeth in their pockets.
  • I wouldn't have Steve Spicer's job for all the tea in India.
    Steve Spicer: "I love puppies and the sky is blue."
    Media/Aggrieved Left: "Trump hates Kittens and is ignorant of atmospheric science because Spox Spicer touts confusing narrative that defames Migrant Muslim."
So, moving on.
I'll try to keep the ice cream machine stocked a little more often...
It all depends in how much ass needs kicking around here, and how much my ass gets kicked.

TBG - - Livin' the dream in Tampa