Monday, December 31, 2012


They say Instagram is Blogger for those who can't write...

Sometimes it's easier to post a couple pics on IG instead of uploading to my gallery
and doing a Blogger post.

If you are an IGer and are interested, look up gojira15 to see random pics.


Happy New Year!

So, it's 9:00am New Year's Day here...
The network here isn't going to crash itself, so I'm heading out to abuse the Cisco switches in the IDFs, but I wanted to wish y'all a happy and prosperous new year before getting to work...

Sydney got off to a roaring start last night...

This is what a lot of folks saw down in the CBD/Darlington/Rocks area...

This was my view...
I'm just an old guy trying to get into heaven, so I was in bed by 10:30, and slept through everything...

Yeah, I know. I'm a drag.


Telling It Like It Is




Mythological Humor


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Signs of the Apocalypse - Oz Edition

So... They have warning signs to keep the cute little teddy bears safe from traffic.

I talked to some locals... They were less than enthusiastic about the critters.

"Those are some foul tempered little rodents. If you see one, best to steer clear of them.
They bite and have some pretty sharp claws."

Ok. Note to self, no cuddling the teddy bear made of broken glass and fish hooks.

This one was hilarious- I had to stop and go back to see if the sign was designed that way, of if someone had "vandalized" it...

When I first saw it I thought: "Man, would you look at the size of the rudder on that thing..."
It was "modified"...
But from what I saw when I ran into a mob of 'Roos, the sign wasn't that far off...


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Great Googly Moogly NO!

Stuffed Crust Pizza – Yes (within limits… Once in a great while…)

HOT DOG Stuffed Crust Pizza – Oh HELLS NO!
(With tomato sauce and mustard forsooth!)


WTF is wrong with these Aussie bastids?


I Know, I'm Warped

The Gallifreycrumb Tinies

An abecedarian look at Doctor Who alien deaths...

Wait- do you not know The Gashleycrumb Tinies?

Oh my goodness...


Selective Hearing

So- the Aussie morning news shows in Sydney are all aflutter over B. Hussein Obama's shushing of a camera crew during his oh-so-important press room speech...

"Guys, I can hear you over here." or something of that ilk...

Amazing- he can hear a cameraman whispering on headset from across the room, but when the American people overwhelmingly shout about Obamacare, tax hikes, and gun people control,
the guy is deaf as a #$%^@ing post.

He sounds like a f&%$@*ing petulant narcissist college professor: "Be quiet, I'm trying to teach you something here, plebe."


Friday, December 28, 2012

I Am Sofa King Embarrassed...

... For being from North Florida...

(Aussie accent deleted for clarity. If you'd like to imagine it in genuine Aussie accent- Imagine Steve Irwin's nasal patter, and drop most Rs from the Aussie part of the conversation.)
SumAussieDude: "Hey Big Guy- I hear a guy got busted 'cause they thought he was gonna shoot up another movie theater. It was in your neck of the woods I think."
TBG (thinking): "Oh sweet baby Jeebus no."
TBG: "Uh. What happened?"
SAD: "Well, turns out he had a sammie (Aussie for "Sandwich"-TBG) in his pants and the folks out in the lot that saw him put there thought it was a shotgun."
TBG: "Really. Wow. Musta been a hell of a sandwich."
SAD: "Yeah- probably had cheese and everything."
TBG: ???

So, a little judicious checking was in order...
Sure enough.
"The Epic movie theater multiplex in St. Augustine, FL was evacuated Thursday after two people called police and reported a man “stuffing something suspicious down the back of his pants” and that he could have a shotgun.
Approximately a dozen police cars responded to the scene. The theaters were emptied, the suspect located, but no gun (or any weapon) was found. Instead, the alleged smuggler admitted to sneaking a large sub sandwich into the theater."
Really- it made the TV news in fucking AUSTRALIA...
Jeebus H on a gravity board - What the fuck is wrong with people?
Paranoid people are seeing black helicopters and suicide-by-cop gunmen around every corner.

Re-fucking-lax, people.
Take a friggin breath before you dial 911 because you thought you might have seen something...

You're embarrassing me, for cryin' out loud!


Scary Stuff

On Christmas Day I explored a good bit further north from Harrington...

I rode up the beach from Crowdy Head all the way to Diamond Head, winding up on Kylie's Beach.

I was kind of hoping to see Kylie there...

(I mean, the beach is named after her, right?)

Unfortunately, I think it wan named after a different Kylie... The possum in The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

But I digress...

I had my snorkel gear and took a swim out near the rocks near the beach.
No runout there, and saw some great soft corals, lots of cod (grouper), and one small gray nurse shark... I had a great time...

I was fine with the bike down on the firmer sand near the waterline, but when I tried to get out at the 4WD beach access, the sand was too soft for the BMW... Which meant a 18km ride back to Crowdy Head...

The scary part?

I was at the site this afternoon and one of the guy asked if I had been up to Diamond Head.
Yep- told him I'd been snorkeling up there...
"You're lucky mate. Guy got attacked by a shark up there this morning."


Watching the news tonight that have been several stories about it...

From The Australian - 12/28/2012
Shark attack at Diamond Head near Port Macquarie in NSW
A surfer has had one finger bitten off and another left hanging by slivers of skin when he tried to fend off a shark which had bitten into his leg while surfing on the NSW mid north coast this morning.
The man was treated at the scene by paramedics before being flown by the Westpac rescue chopper to John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle.

Kylie's Beach is an unpatrolled beach and is popular with surfers due to its exposed location and protection from north-easterly winds.

Adam Eady, from the Crowdy Head Surf Life Saving Club, south of the attack site, said beaches from Crowdy Head to Camden Haven to the north had closed as a precautionary measure.
Damn... That dude looks to be in pretty high spirits for someone who just lost a finger or two.