Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Following The Logic

Quite a few of the talking heads on the Left are rightly pointing out that the perpetrators of the Paris attacks were not actually Syrian refugees.
They only POSED as refugees with forged docs to make border crossings easier in order to make their attacks.

According to them, it should be OK to accept REAL Syrian refugees to the US.
(Because they'd never try to get here by using that tactic. The DHS is way too smart to fall for that!)


Old NFO said...

Yeah, right... Pull the other one...

Ben Catoe said...

Paperwork wise, what is the difference between a refuge and someone with forged docs posing as one? The morons can't grasp the point. Most of the people in the pictures and videos don't look like widows and orphans, they look like men who should be fighting to protect them... And it is very telling that they aren't.