Thursday, December 03, 2015

"DO SOMETHING!!1!Eleventy!

The current Leftist on gun control and access to firearms by Those That Should Not Have Guns is that if you are on the FBI/TSA no-fly list, than you shouldn't be able to buy a gun.

Know anything about this list?
Probably not enough. You might think that it's a list of known terrorists and dangerous felons that, if given access to air travel, will commandeer the plane and cause mass-carnage.

Its a mysterious list generated and maintained by several Three Letter Agencies for the Good Of All Mankind. Getting on the list is easy- have the same name as a know terrorist or high-level criminal that some TLA would like to chat with, or a similar name to a know terrorist or felon, or just be a person that one of the many TLAs would like to talk to.
Not necessarily a terrorist, felon, or otherwise a bad guy.
Numbers of people vary- DHS says it's 2,500 of known bad guys, and another 16,000 "individuals of interest". The ACLU says the list is over 1,000,000 members strong and growing by 1,600 submitted names per day.

Since no one agency "owns" the list, once you're on it, it's almost impossible to get off of it, which sucks it you're one of those similar-named people. I know a few people and every time they want to fly, they have to just through many hoops, including stringent checking at the TSA checkpoints, even after they present the famous and mostly useless 'redress number'.
Getting off the list

So- now there is a call to restrict anyone one the no-fly list from legally purchasing a firearm...
(Probably via some form of executive order or mandate.)

Let me get this right- If your name is Robert Johnson, Daniel Brown, Patrick Martin, or event Edward Kennedy, you will be unable to legally purchase a firearm.
Restricting a constitutional right without due process. Nice.

I wonder how that's going to work out.



Old NFO said...

Friend of mine was in the same predicament... Similar name. It was and still is pure hell for him. He's given up on trying to fly, and drives everywhere.

B said...

I bet if your name is Teddy Kennedy, they still let you buy a car though.....