Thursday, December 17, 2015

From our What Goes Around file: Executive Order Edition

Just reading the news from CNN (spit) about Obama making yet another Exec Order, this one on some form of Gun Control, most likely the NoFly - NoBuy concept which we have already discussed...

(Lots of supposition here, but here goes..)
The Left if going to find it distasteful if (when) a conservative POTUS is elected and he/she starts flinging EOs around like Obama does, just like the Dems in the Senate are regretting the "Nuclear Option" they exercised so deftly, as it is now wielded by the GOP, though they need to use it better, harder and more often...
(Oh! That's what she said!)

Before Exec Order - 47,000 people on No-Fly list.
After the Exec Order - 300 Million on the list.
Welcome to ObamAmerika.

Some day in the near future, some Political Science student is going to opine:
"Man, no one could throw an Autopen/ExecOrder like ol' Barry Hussein! That dude had a knack for fucking things up."
I would heartily agree...


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kx59 said...

I don't think that's too far outside the box, thinking wise actually.
Ban all the people on the no fly list, then put all the people on the no fly list.
My clients in DC and Boston are going to be most unhappyish and grumpy if I am unable to fly up there in Yuge luxurious coach class to bestow my gray headed wisdom upon them.

I think that might have a negative effect on your line of work as well Big Guy.