Saturday, July 07, 2012

Hung Drawn & Quartered

101 ways to start a fight, part the 14th

Famous the Borepatch suggested finding a pub called "Hung Drawn & Quartered" in the Tower Hill section of London.

Fortunately, Tower Hill is just around the corner from the Tower Hotel.
How convenient!

One sparkling cider and a ploughman's plate (pickled vegetables, cheese, bread, fruit) later, I was trying to get my bill cleared and head back to the hotel...

Hm. They musta heard I was coming...

This is where the post's secondary title comes in...

No matter how funny it might seem in your head, clearing yout throat, holding up a 20-pound note and announcing to the entire bar (or at least to the 10 closest guys at the bar):
"Hey, do any of y'all know who this old guy is on the 20 pound note?"...

.... is NOT a good idea.
Not just a couple weeks after the Diamond Jubilee. They get a mite testy.