Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Suffering from CRS...

(Actually, I don't suffer from it... I enjoy every minute of it.)

Now... I was going to blog about something....
What was it?


I forgot one important site on the blogroll...

The Gun Blog Black List

Holy crap!
A more complete listing of Gunny folks you will not find!

One nice thing is that the list is not a "pay for listing" site- it is a labor of love by one individual that finds, examines and lists appropriate sites...
The GBBL is a collection of bloggers that I choose to list (or NOT list as I see fit). No one pays me to list them. There is no paid advertising on the GBBL. Any 'ad' on this site is there because I choose to put it there. I don't make any money listing blogs.

I list blogs to encourage personal connections between bloggers and to add to the blog community. I do this because I want to.

Punk-assed pinko commie bastards can ignore the above message. This means you, T-Rav.


1 comment:

North said...

You made my day! Thanks for the listing.