Sunday, July 15, 2012

101 Ways to Start a Fight (# 155 in the series)

3 Aussies standing the exit doorway (between me and the bus coach back to the hotel) having a little chin-wag.

TBG: (in full ogre mode): "Don't people in England know not to block the door at quitting time?"
Aussie 1 "Wouldn't know, mate. We're from Oz."
TBG: "Hm. Coulda fooled me. All you limey bastards look alike."



Home on the Range said...

Mr. B. told us a story of when he was in a bar in Scotland with a colleague. The fellow (three sheets to the wind) proceeded to state, in a very loud voice, "have you ever noticed the resemblance between Scottish women and their cattle?" Oh boy.

Old NFO said...

LOL, either that or start a drinking contest... :-)