Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Coolest Cops in the UK

The two coolest cops I've run into over here.
They're carrying MP5s and Glock 17s, and  about 145 rounds of 9mm each.
They are not guys with whom to fuck.

I was walking over to the stadium and started talking to these guys. The one on the left has been to CQC training St. Petersburg in Florida and was endlessly amused by cops in the US and their lack of required range time.
To carry (especially the MP5s) these guys have to qualify every 6 weeks and have weekly scheduled range time. (Contrast to Joe Policeman in US who goes to the range twice a year.)
We discussed calibers, weapons, the Aurora shooting, and concealed carry.

They had the same concerns for their current task that I voiced regarding the Batman shooting. Basically- if something was to occur that requires using their firearm (especially in FA mode), how do you avoid collateral damage to innocent bystanders and still deal with the threat?
Had I been in the theater in Aurora and been armed, I believe it might have been difficult to return fire because it would be difficult to be sure of the target and who is beyond or beside the gunman.
It's easy to be a Monday morning quarterback and say- "Well, if I'da been there it would be a different story...", but the prudent and wise CCW holder should look on the Aurora incident as an absolute worst-case situation, one that you might not be able to (safely) deal with.
These guys completely understand the dilemma, and thankfully, it is constantly on their minds.

Funny thing - during the 15 minutes I spent talking with them, we had people come up to them at least 4 times to pose for pics... Once two couples asked about getting snaps- the girls cuddled up to them and the boyfriends clicked away...
"Are those real guns?" on of the girls asked.
"It'd be a right cock-up to carry a fake one."

Damned right, mate.



Luc said...

I.e. The Aurora shooting, if you think you have a clear shot and shoot him, isn't also possible that another good Samaritan with a gun, sees you, and mistake you for the bad guy? That's what scares me: there was a significant increase in gun purchase following the shooting. People thinking that if it happens again they will "do something". Wouldn't it end up like the shooting at the OK choral? I got nothing against firearms (I'm looking forward for my day at the range with TBG one day), I just wish they were treated with more respect. i.e Stricter control, training etc... Am I being naive?

Old NFO said...

Luc- you are. People who train will take out the PRIMARY threat (e.g. the ones killing the crowd). This has been proven before. Jay, sound like good guys, tell em to stay safe!