Sunday, July 01, 2012

Range Time

Oh my it is soooo nice to get some range time in....

Lots of changes at the ultra-secret invitation-only range since my last visit.
They have installed ceiling fans over the benches and painted yardage lines on the new pad, and they also have acquired a vertical flip steel target stand...

We got an early start this morning- I dragged the generator that runs the fans out of the shed and set it up behind the loading bench, and helped rig a new shadecloth backing on the bench area, and helped fill in some holes dug by the resident feral hogs.

Seriously, there is a thriving population of candidates for the Caja China on the property... When I get back from my next gig we are going to make a serious effort to deplete the pig population...

We rigged a game cam a few months back to get a look at the local wildlife.
Oh. My. Goodness.

The PVC pipe is a Hog Pipe

Serious pork.

And not only hogs... little ring-tailed thieves.

And some bite-sized porklettes

The porklettes hauled ass- five minutes later a bobcat strolled through.

And of course the occasional wild turkey...
Back to the range trip...

The mosquitoes were out in force when we arrived, but a good slathering of Deep-Woods Off took care of that nuisance.

La quenta:

150 rounds of 9mm
48 rounds of .44 Magnum
   - (12 in the Ruger, 18 in the Rossi, 18 in the Colt)
10 rounds of .45LC
50 rounds of .357 (in the Desert Eagle)



kx59 said...

A bud of mine recommends a supressor when clearing hogs, so the rest don't scatter.
This little piggy went splat.

Borepatch said...

Suppressed 300 Blackout (subsonic), night vision sights. Don't get a pig, get 'em all.

Bug said...

I dang near ran over a whole string of Mama Turkey and her drumettes on my way out on SUN.