Saturday, July 21, 2012

Listen Up...

I have a propensity for using comparatives when speaking...
One of my favorites I picked up years ago at The Masters. I had an opportunity to use it here in London this morning.
Unfortunately I used it on St.Ass, and due to the twin-threat of my mumbling, and his English-as-a-second language, the exchange wasn't a clean of it might have been.

St.Ass (in thick Russian accent) " zhey arrre now serrrving zhe wonderrrful brrrreakfast at zhe commissarry."

Yours Truly: "Awesome. I'm on it like a rat on a cheeto."

(Very puzzled look from St.Ass)

SA: "Zhe rrrat on zhe what?"

YT: "A. Rat. On. A. Cheeto. You know- little yellow cheese puff?"

SA: "Ah! Cheeto. I zhought you cheeta. You know - big cat. I din't understand."

YT: (Trying to envision a rat on a cheetah, and how that would work out...Which devolved into a strange tableau involving Mickey and Chester Cheetah. Don't judge me.)

YT: "Uh... No. Cheeto. Not cheetah."

I walk out, still getting funny looks from St.Ass.


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Old NFO said...

LOL, yeah, American jokes don't always 'translate' well...