Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nice Prank

There is a Hipster over here that desperately needs this treatment...

Heading over to the B&Q now to pick up a Master lock.

I think this one will do...



Teke said...

To improve on this.

Get two and a length of light chain.

Attach the chain to the locks, one to the hipster the second to a close piece of furniture.

Then to top it off, if the anchor is heavy enough, leave the keys 4ft out of reach.

Old NFO said...

Hoo boy... Sounds like there WILL be hell to pay later!!! :-)

kx59 said...

Given that she already has all the extra orifices pierced, I suspect she's not a money manger for Goldman Sachs, so the lock in the ear will probably add to her piercing cred at "work".
If bro' don't come back soon though, she's going to have asymmetrical earlobes.

heh, Teke,
you might want back off on the horror movies just a bit. just sayin.

B said...

Those boron carbide hasps are hell to cut too.

Grayson said...

That. Is. Freaking. AWESOME!!!

I know at least 5 people who need to be on the recieving end of this treatment as soon as possible.

Thank you, Big Guy.
If I am ever lucky enough to meet you, and am financially solvent, your next steak dinner is on MY tab!

The Big Guy said...

Glad to have you aboard...
Enjoy the site.

Teke... Twisted... I like it!