Thursday, January 02, 2014

The Global War on Semantics

"Unless you live in the 'States, Shut the fuck up about what you insist our policies should be."

I was talking to a couple Aussies last night who were taking umbrage about 'Yank attitudes toward undocumented workers.'
Their concern was the 'undocumented worker's' feelings because they are being labeled 'Illegal Aliens', and apparently they were taking a page from the soft-core democrat's playbook and said:
"People aren't 'illegal', stop calling them that."

Go smoke some more dope, hippie.
"Fine", says I. "You don't like that term? I'll give you a better one."
I had been conferring with Captain Morgan most of the evening and he reminded me of a term I read several days ago...
"We'll call them what they are: Criminal Aliens."

You want semantics, you get semantics.


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Ben Catoe said...

Ask them how lax THEIR immigration policies are and what they do when people try to come into their country without the proper paperwork. Then while they are trying to wrap their brain around their hypocritical position, ask them if they know of ANY country that just lets anyone waltz in however they please.