Thursday, January 02, 2014

Happy Belated New Years

I've been so busy I've been letting the scheduled post autopilot handle my content the last few days... So Happy New Year everyone...
(Except our friends that don't celebrate the new year at this time on the calendar. Chinese new year is on Jan 31, and Jewish new year was back in September, so they are good to go.)
But I did want to post about the fireworks here is Sydney...

They (Sydnians? Sydneyites?) are very pumped that they are the first big city to celebrate the New Year due to the fact that they are located so far east on this side of the International Date Line.
Folks in Brisbane have them beat by a few degrees, but since Sydney observes Daylight Savings Time (a/k/a screw-with-your-head-twice-a-year-time) and Brizzy doesn't, they get first crack at the midnight stroke.

And they do make quite a party of it.

I avoid downtown like the plague- I've heard tales- plus this year they are playing the Knockout game with gusto... There are several people in comas as we speak from this BS, so I just avoid all the areas that this crap is likely to happen.

As for the fireworks:

Speaking of 'wow', today's been a roaster...
38 C (right at 100 F) at 3 today- just ahead of the storm front.
Its cooled down to 30c (86F) now.

I'm hoping for a nice rain shower to roll through this afternoon or evening.



Angus McThag said...

I see what you did there.

Luc said...

Funny, it's the same temperature here... except that there's a minus sign in front of that 38. Are you sure you don't need a gopher?

Jennifer said...

Wow is right. Happy New Year!

Ben Catoe said...

Did you take that pic or just grab one from online? I remember you had a chance at being able to see it from the water. Wasn't sure if it worked out or not.

The Big Guy said...

I'm glad someone did. ;)

You'd never survive down here. There's no poutine.


On-line. The boat gig never materialized. I was sleeping at the stroke of 12.
And I never go downtown. Too fckin' crazy for me down there.

Old NFO said...

Smart man... :-)