Friday, January 31, 2014

Post SOTU, The Left Minions Have Their Marching Orders...

...But they don't have their rhetoric down pat yet.

You know Uncle Jay is fond of doing some thing just for effect.
Wearing the Blackwater gear at NBC offices, the Gasden flag patch on my backpack along with the 'Group Therapy' patch... All good conversation-starters at the IBC offices.

I was involved in- (but did not instigate [this time]) a dogwhistle outrage discussion in the commissary last night...
One young head-full-of-mush was parroting the War-on-teh-Womyns - 77% meme that the Left is pushing these days. This young thing is a first-time intern in the midst of her XXXX Studies degree at some famous-name university in the Northeast.

Obviously a fake, but you get the picture.

As she was ranting to the rest of the children at the table about not being able to find a job in her field when she graduates and lamenting that she'd be making 23% less as her other classmates "...just because they have penises" I had to laugh...
Out loud. I was sitting at the next table and could not help overhearing, or suppressing my snicker of derision.
And she had just enough jet lag confusion to think it was a good idea to call me out about it.

Clueless Youngster: "You think gender based income inequality is funny." she demanded indignantly.
Yours Truly: "No, I think you need some economics and business classes, sweetheart.  Might want to look into that before you start trying to dictate HR policy to your prospective employers."
CY apparently has the buzzwords memorized...
CY: "But income inequality in the workplace is documented fact..."
YT: "Really. Honey... Let me ask you a question... If a business owner could hire a workforce that was just as perfectly trained and capable of doing a job, AND could save 23% on overall payroll - why would any business hire any men at all?" (I really wanted to say "..hire any penises at all" but figured a trip to NBC's HR dept was counterproductive.)

CY: "But in business women get paid..."
YT: "Stop- answer the question. Until you understand business and economics, you have no business (heh) talking about how to solve "unfairness" in the workplace."
CY: "Uh... That's not a fair question...."
YT: "Who lied to you and told you life was going to be fair?"
She and her Gaggle huffed off...
Boy- they have some learnin' to do before they enter the Real World.
I was just hoping she would start in on minimum-wage issues.
I would have dragged her clueless ass downstairs in the IBC for lunch...

Remember this?

Yeah- well... Guess what's downstairs at the MPC McDonalds...

Wake the fuck up, Children.
It's a cold hard world out there.



rinfanti said...

Uncle Jay, If you ever here (around borepatch's stomping ground) dinner is one me.

Great Post!

Old NFO said...

OH yeah... Sic em Big Guy! :-)