Saturday, January 04, 2014

Developing Your Woodland Skills

This is an exercise to develop your hunting/tracking skills-

Please examine the tracks in these photographs, then identify the creatures that left the tracks.

(Click to embigginate)

And here's another of the same species...

(Again, click to enlargify)

Any guesses?



BC said...

I like how there is only one set of foot prints going to, then away from, each one.

The Big Guy said...

...They meet in the middle,
then BANG!(heh)Poof! Gone!

I'm guessing spontaneous combustion due to friction.
(Dad warned me about that when I was a teen.)

kx59 said...

Ok. I'll play.
Let's see...
pic 1: The post coitus subaru ownerus hipster. Many have been uncovered just so having perished discussing global worming while star gazing.
Pic 2 appears to show evidence of a closing time beer gogglish mating ritual. The females are commonly known to eat their sperm donor and remarkably fastidious, rarely leaving a trace.

Anonymous said...

Female,alien, and uses only two of her legs for walking, but not for mating -as evidence with her car hood encounter.

Afterwards, recognizing her mistake in her crappy car choose, she 'imprinted' her hatched hybrid spawn with a superior quality of metal. the garbage receptacle -which likely moves faster too.

I'm not sure why her offspring has chicken feet, but I assume it was because she crossed the road

Anonymous said...

I swear, I started my explanation before reading kx59 -GTFOOMDM

kx59 said...

The evidence speaks for itself, n'est-ce pas?
Either that, or I'm just among like minded individuals. :-)

Old NFO said...

ROTF, +1 on kx59... :-)

David said...

The beast with two backs...

The Big Guy said...

We got a winnah!