Tuesday, January 21, 2014

If It's Not Nailed Down...

...they'll steal it and sell it to finance their borscht addiction.

Yeah- that manhole that was missing it's lid from my post yesterday?

Well- it seems that that's a real issue over here.

They are stealing all manner of things like that over here.
I guess you can get a good 300 or 400 rubles for a good cover these days.

Of course, if you get killed by this kind of thing, you know what the medical examiner will say-
(Dramatic pause to remove sunglasses)
It's a clear case of sewer-side.



Old NFO said...

Oh... bad... BAD :-)

Anonymous said...

someone stole your sense of humor and left terrible puns in its place.

k said...

Well, ya. That be Sochi. We replumbed a rental house and had ALL the copper stolen in the good ol US of A. Think the coppers (there's an ironical thing) cared? Uh, NO.