Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Too Much Time On My Hands

Multitasking today...

Chasing down NBA stuff, prepping for a conference call with A Nice Golf Course, and dealing with passport issues for Kazan/World University Games.

A little background-
SpongeMark SquareHands had a bit of a tiff with the service company that does the groundwork in getting us visas, etc last week. They asked stupid questions and SpongeMark does not suffer fools gladly and there were words exchanged...

Which is why I was ecstatic when I got an email this afternoon-

Travel Goddess:  "Should have the passports for (Spongemark) and Chitt tomorrow.

Never one to leave an FYI email unmolested and given SpongeMark's dustup with Olga at the travel service company I replied.

Yours Truly: Huzzah!
Of course, Mark will only have a space on the visa page to ENTER Russia…
The will have neglected to process the EXIT portion.

Protip: Learn to love vodka and borscht.
As SpongeMark was copied on the email, he was quick to chime in.
SpongeMark Squarehands: I have one of those skills down already and borscht doesn’t look so bad.

Things started to get out of hand immediately.

YT: Spongemark's Favorite

Travel Goddess (who is just a bit sheltered from the ravages of event travel):"There is a vodka called 'Five Wives'?"
YT: Yep… 'Five Wives – The vodka that treats you like you cheated on every one of them.'
Of course, I chose to fly Lufthansa because they serve Effen Vodka on the flight.
No doubt, Travel Goddess is probably on the phone with HR right now...


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Old NFO said...

LOL, I can't wait to read the "adventures" you're going to have...