Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Answer To This Week's Puzzler

Ding! Ding! Ding!
We have winners!

Yes- astute and observant Constant Readers figured it out...

About 6 months ago the ignition key on my FJR started to go flaky, and about 2 weeks ago it gave up the ghost completely.

I originally wired a toggle switch into the circuit, but that's not exactly secure.

Then I found this company:

They make this little jewel...

Just an  RFID tag/fob in your pocket- completely passive-
you don't have to push the button.
Walk up, get on, flip the "run" switch and press the starter.
The key still works to lock the steering column, and of course I need it for the gas tank, the panniers and the seat lock...

And even an idjit like me can install it... it took all of 20 minutes.
(One of the benefits of having all that plastic on the bike- easy to hide hardware and wiring.)

The drawback is when one of the local LEOs notice there is no key in the ignition and follows you into the grocery store parking lot to ask why you hot-wired the bike.
You dig the key out and show him you still have it, and then get to demonstrate the RFID activity radius and the bells and whistles of the system, like how it doesn't shut down if you were to drop your keys while underway...

Really cool stuff... they have version for cars, watercraft, and heavy equipment.


(FTC Disclaimer: Bite me.)

1 comment:

Angus McThag said...

You realize that your explanation makes your previous question a trick question?

There was nothing wrong in that picture.

And about passive keyless systems, if you feel you have too many brain cells or a persistent will to live; be sure to search for threads about people stealing the codes when you unlock your vehicle on any Corvette forum.