Sunday, June 09, 2013

What The Hell Is Going On?

I get the atmospheric Acts of God like hurricanes and tornadoes... Nothing can be done, except to be prepared and to be smart about what you do in the aftermath.

(But not the mindset of idiots that say catastrophic weather events are a product of mankind's existence on the planet. If you are an elected official that is responsible for anything more politically intricate than catching stray dogs, and you feel anthropomorphic climate change is a matter of world-wide importance, then you need to resign your position and go do something about it, rather than just spend other people's money on it.)

But I don't get the OKC Bomber, Aurora shooter, Tucson shooter, Newtown shooter, Boston Marathon bombers, or the most recent heinous crime in Santa Monica California. And who knows WTF is wrong with the people behind the last couple ricin letter-mailers...
I mean, I get pissed on the highway, or when I'm standing in line behind idiots at the hardware store, or when I watch the news or read the newspaper...
And I have more than enough hardware to make the national news, but I never even think about using it, no matter how bad the talking heads piss me off, or how often I nearly get squashed like a bug on the road, or read about how bad the abuse of power is getting out of hand in Washington DC.

The people that commit crimes like OKC, Aurora, Columbine, ad infinitum, ad nauseum, are subhuman at best... The fact that people like this are walking among us scares and frustrated the shit out of me.

The only thing that lets me keep my sanity about this crap is when I read the accounts about these things and come across gems in the reporting or from witnesses.
“There were hundreds of rounds of clips laying on the floor,” he said. “It looked like the guy just dropped his stuff right there.”
Just like legislators that enact laws about things that have no understanding of...
If you don't know what you're talking about, shut up.

And I think I'll do that now.



Old NFO said...

Good points, and it's because we actually have RESTRAINT!!!

The Big Guy said...

But that's the puzzler...

Dem/Lib/Progs assume that Teh Ebil Gunz have a mind control field and anyone who has one will eventually snap and go postal in a preschool.
They KNOW they have no self-control, hence NO ONE has self-control.
Classic Freudian psychological projection.

They (DLPs) refuse to even entertain the concept that CRIMINALS are the problem, and that if you get rid of guns, you still have a criminal problem.

They can't fathom that getting rid of criminals could possibly cut down on crime.

Jennifer said...

Not possible! Having that kind of hardware around makes you evil. Right? I mean, you can't possibly get angry AND have access to firearms without doing something terrible.