Sunday, June 09, 2013

Media Whores

I see USATodayYesterday is still using "choirboy" pictures for the Trayvon Martin case...

Thanks for being part of the problem, Media Assholes.

Why not use this shot?
 (People say no one can verify this is Trayvon. Conversely, they can say it isn't him, either. Methinks they doth protest too much.)

Notice to Media Whores:
Selectively picking a particular crime to rally against in order to boost readership and to cause unrest is so dishonest it is nauseating.
What about all the other Trayvons, Rosalindas, D'Marcios, Eduardos, Tanishas, Joses, and countless others dying every weekend in those gun-free utopias of Chicago and New York?

Where were the rallies and media masturbation for them? Sorry, nope.
Black-on-Hispanic crime? Forget it.
Not enough opportunity to inflame one race against another, so don't look for them.

 Not sensational enough, and not enough opportunity for Sharpton, Jackson, Et al.  to bask in the light of the TV cameras and give carefully rehearsed soundbites.

Next week is gonna suck for people in Sanford Florida...

And in 5 or so weeks, the defecation will hit the ventilation. Hard.



Old NFO said...

That it IS going to... The media are 'determined' to convict Zimmerman, come hell or high water!

Erin Palette said...

The Zimmerman case is precisely why I got my concealed carry permit. Call me racist all you want, but I am *very* white and live 15 minutes from a *very* black part of town. I'm also a foot shorter than most men.

I may look like a victim, but I'm not going to be one.

The Big Guy said...

@ONFO - True. Oh so true.
It's a win-win for the Media. If Zim is convicted, it advances their Progressive agenda.
If he is acquitted, the ensuing riots will give them the "If it bleeds, it leads" headlines they want so badly.

(And if you don't think the Media doesn't LOVE every mass shooting and massacre, regardless of the perp's political or religious leanings, well, you're just fooling yourself. (Says the holder of a degree in Broadcast Journalism from UF.)

I'm 6'5" and weigh in at 300+, and I carry. Not because I'm a victim, but because I represent a challenge...

I was in a bar in Daytona once during Bike Week and a guy came up to me and offered to buy me a drink...
I asked why.
"After I've been drinking for a while, I always end up picking a fight with the biggest guy in the place, and I want to be on good terms with you when that happens."

("Very white"? Like that Indo-European semi-translucent blue skin like the Irish have?)



Anonymous said...


It isn't just Sanford that is going to be interesting when the trial ends.

I think many areas of the country might be dicey. Especially now that it is summer time.

Combine the trial verdict with high heat, electrical shortages, water restrictions, etc -- watch out for all the usual trouble spots.

The Big Guy said...

Regardless of your location, stay aware of the overall situation and your surroundings.

Keep Calm
Carry Your

Erin Palette said...

"Very white"? Like that Indo-European semi-translucent blue skin like the Irish have?

I'm German-Irish, so yes. You can absolutely see my veins underneath my skin.

Really, going goth was my only fashion choice.