Sunday, June 30, 2013

On the Launching Pad - Part the Second

We recently got details regarding our accommodations in Kazan...

I had checked out the large chain hotels and found there is an Ibis (which I loved in Sydney), a Marriott and several other 4 and 5 star locations within reasonable distance of the site.
When I found out the name of the hotel, I had to dig deeper to find it, and when I did I didn't find much.
Nothing on Trivago, Venere or even TripAdvisor... (And EVERYTHING is on Tripadvisor.)

Where we DID find info on our hotel was on some site the list locations of, um, some places the cater to some more Adult Activities.
(From hotel website via Google Translate)
Non-"Tear Sakura" Japanese-style "Relax" in the classical style (for up to 6 people) and the number of "Lady Boss" in the style of hi-tech (up to 10 people)
from 6:00 to 18:00 - 700 rubles per hour
from 18:00 to 6:00 - 1000 rubles per hour
VIP room "LOCK" in the Mediterranean-style (up to 15 people)
1500 rubles per hour around the clock
VIP room "DISCO" club-style (up to 15 people)
1500 rubles per hour around the clock
The administrator has the right to take on 200 rubles for each hour of each extra person.
Uh, 'Lady Boss'? Yikes.

Ok... So, where are the rest of the LTC staff being quartered? Yep- at the Ibis and the other nice hotels.

How lovely for them!
Cue the warnings about being wary of additives in your drinks if you (foolishly) choose to imbibe in the hotel bar, and to be sure not to leave anything valuable in our rooms, etc.

One item I sent out to my guys was a currency table for conversions...


$1.00 32.86
10 $0.30

$2.00 65.72
20 $0.61

$3.00 98.58
30 $0.91

$4.00 131.44
40 $1.22

$5.00 164.30
50 $1.52

$10.00 328.59
100 $3.04

$20.00 657.18
200 $6.09

$30.00 985.77
300 $9.13

$40.00 1314.36
400 $12.17

$50.00 1642.95
500 $15.22

$100.00 3285.90
1000 $30.43

$200.00 6571.80
1500 $45.65

$300.00 9857.70
2000 $60.86

$400.00 13143.60
2500 $76.08

$500.00 16429.50
3000 $91.29

5000 $152.15

Coupled with the Hotel/Brothel accommodations, it sparked a nice email conversation.

GT: "Good information Big Guy…I understand via CodeMonkey that the hookers are going for 32.86 RUB per night."

Yours Truly: "Yep… But for 100 RUB, she’ll take her false teeth out…"

CodeMonkey: "You can get 10% discount with your WUG credential."

Spongemark: "I'm wondering if we can expense the remaining 67.14 RUB for the upgrade. Perhaps under 'Medical expenses'?"

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