Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Update - Early in the Morning

Just a few things...

I've been short on sleep, but nothing like my graphics crew.

Lisa (the DeKo operator) and "Super" Dave Osborne (the PA) are running on empty. Dave has logged 65 hours in the 3 days. When I left the other night, he was trying to catch a catnap in the graphics cabine...

Comfy boxes.

After 2 days of Freestyle and 2 days of Snowboarding Dave hadn't been back to his hotel in 48 hours, and therefore no shower either, so the air in the cabine was getting a little thick.
He had taken to wearing his scarf like a turban... Osama Bin Osborne. I think he wound it around his head to keep his brain from leaking out his ears.

Love the hair, Osama.

What else...

Oh yeah...

Mark is sick.

He's got some kind of sinus infection that has his ears screwed up. As long as he stays at about 1000m (basically, up at Freestyle or in Sauze d'Oulx) he's Ok, but when we go somewhere like into Torino or Sestriere, we come down off the mountain and the Pressure Elves go to work on his eardrums with the icepicks.

We went into Torino- to the IBC, at 6:30 in the bleeding cold morning yesterday. The Elves were working on Mark's ears as we descended into the Piedmont... By the time we got to the IBC in Lingotto he was in agony. He went to the infirmary to try to get some meds.
They gave him a dose of Clarityn (notice the European spelling) and told him to stay out of the cold.
"So... You stay out of the cold, yes?" Doc says.
Mark rolls his eyes.
"You are working where?" Doc inquires.
"Sauze d'Oulx."
Doc gives him a pitying look.
"If possible, you should keep-" he holds his hands over his ears in the 'hear no evil' pose.
We came back to Sauze in time for testing at Freestyle, and since we were back at altitude, the Elves had gone back into remission for a bit. We hung out for a bit and he wasn't feeling any better so he looked into possibilities for getting some better meds... The only NBC clinic is in Torino, which is a good 90 minute to 2 hour trip; He looked into going to a doctor in Sestriere and found it would cost him out-of-pocket to see a local doc, so he decided to go back to the IBC again.
(I opted out and went over to the Downhill to watch the skiier get hit in the face with the pole...)
Mark undertook the journey back to town for the second time that day... Poor bastard.
A futile trip, because they didn't give him any good meds. Heh.

So... Mens Moguls today at Sauze, I'm heading to Bardonecchia to do testing for Boardercross... Hoo ha! I'll be back to Sauze by 6:00 for the finals.

Famous out-

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