Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Day 5 - Frequently Given Answers -continued.

(Sauze d'Oulx/Bardonnechia/Sestriere edition)

1. One hour. Maybe two. If not, ask again tomorrow.
2. If I had two, I'd give you one.
3. Four! Not one or two or three... Four!
4. [accent=Greek] Perhaps, yes. [/accent]
5. 6.5 pounds per gallon.
6. Dogfood. Low-grade dogfood.
7. I are wearing a jean pant.
8. Here's your sign.
9. The Finnish Contingent.
10. mom
11. Famous!
12. You must get out (of the car) here.
13. He is on the way. M92 or maybe V42. We don't know.
14. "Uscita Di Sicurezza"? It means "Don't open this door in case of fire."
15. Helicopter? What helicopter?
16. Where are you for dinner? You must eat here.
17. Stop. Let's try it again. And don't say 'arrogant asshole' this time.
18. It IS the rabbit.
19. PDP, oh, it's you again?
20. Another bottle of water, please.
21. You're screwed. (Athens legacy FGA - Transcends all listing.)
22. IDS? I don't sleep.
23. He says he thinks he knows you.
24. This credential is no good for you.
25. No pizza now. Come back after 2:00AM.
29. Crispy M&Ms.

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