Sunday, February 26, 2006

More random Olympic views.

Saturday Feb 25-

I got to go skiing...
It had been snowing for almost 3 days straight. I rented skis and boots and headed for the slopes above Sauze d'Oulx.

Visibility was horrible

My right leg only wanted to ski for a half day, though.
Around 1:00 my right calf siezed up... I spent the rest of the day and most of the night with a Lidocaine patch on it to relieve the pain...

Working on my brain freeze.

Up on the mountain there was a little cafe...

...with porno on the menu.

Speaking of menus...

How have people been ordering their steaks that prompted this little nugget?

At the broadcast compound in Bardonecchia, a big dog was staking out the catering tent.

"No one gets breakfast until I see some bacon and hash browns in a doggiebowl."

He takes up the entire entrance way to the tent.

On another note...

Brain Socks... for smart feet.

By popular request... Riberi Media Village.

Tell me this doesn't look like an mental institution.

Now, being from Florida, I didn't know about the dangers of falling ice...

After a heavy snowfall the snow and ice builds up...

Then it begins to slide off...

If you slam the door of the cabine, there is an excellent chance of getting hit by a big (heavy, sharp) chunk of ice.

Sometimes they are incredibly intricate, and dangerous since the convoluted design makes for unpredictable breakage.

Note to self- don't stand under the big sharp ice-stuff.

Famous out-

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