Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Torino Bound

For those of you who remember Athens, you might remember that the last "Picture of the Day" was one of Ned Jackson...


I'm off to Torino, and from what I've been hearing, it is colder than a Titches Wit.
Hope I can find something warm to take with me to wear.

Speaking of Torino, let me introduce the Torino 2006 Crew:

Daryl "Ned Flanders" Carson
Stass "The Nyet-worker" Iordanov
Silent Bob Lanham (a/k/a - The Apostle)
Smilin' Dave Kananen
Susan "Greek Killer" Walker
Lacey Koerner (Olympics Rookie 1)
Mark Moore (Olympics Rookie 2)
Mitch "The Regulator" Mitchell
and Yours Truly, The Rotten Bastard.

Once I'm on-site and get my venue set up, I'll have the webcam running.
You can reach it from the main page, the eyeball on the top left side...


So for the next couple days while I'm in transit, let me give you some stuff to check out...

Dry Tortugas - Jan 2006
Some pics from my last visit to The Island.

Pics from Torino & Venice.
From December 2005.

One of my favorite toy stores...

For a unique view of the news of the day...
The Shanghai Daily.

That should keep you for a while.


TBG Out.

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