Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Quotable quotes. V1.1

You never know what you might hear, so it's good to keep your ears open...

Hmmm... Oh. Look. 'Windows Explorer has encountered a problem.'
Wouldn't that be 'Windows'?

"That guy comes back in here again, I'm gonna throw the fire hydrant at him."
(I think he meant "extinguisher")

"Oh look- The Japanese competitors are dropping like fries..."

DD (live announce guy at BDY)
"These girls will have to have the runs of their life if they want to medal..."

and a whole slew from Jeff (our director):
"I've lost myself. Which I don't mind."
"Dick!- Shit, I don't have Dick."
"Dick is out."
"Is Dick up?"
"Count me down, Dick."

(Corrected 2-15-06, 4:30)

Famous out-

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