Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Listen to your Uncle Amazing

A guy (Pauolo) who was hanging out with the VITM yesterday came to Cabine 5 today...
He never said a word when Edouardo and I talked yesterday.
Today I found out why.

Pauolo comes to my door:
"You are Amazing the Technician Jay?"
"You are Amazing, yes?"
Hmmm. I guess so...
"Uh, Sure."
"Wonderful. Amazing, I need to drive something into your brain."
Shit. Stand in line, dude.
"Amazing, the networking of the connection in the TOBO...
(He goes into a long, confusing explanation of how the feeds are run here...stuff that is interesting only in the same way a car accident is interesting.)
"Do you have this in your brain now?"
"Um... I guess so."
"Ah! Famous! I thank you, my friend Amazing."
Pauolo trots off. I stand there trying to process the exchange.
I'm not sure what just happened.

Amazing out.

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Anonymous said...

You should know that i've read this entry about a half-dozen times, and each time I laugh louder and longer than the last. Uncle Amazing, indeed!