Monday, November 30, 2015

Read - Write Rant For Blog - Reread - Delete

The five stages of blogging strike again...

Hanging out in Messico City doing IT support, basically a warm-up for next month in Sydney and I am doing way too much reading on my right-leaning RSS feeds.

I spent a good bit of the morning writing up a screed on Immigration and the battle for America, with a nice smattering of Doomsday shouting at the end.

I saved it off and went to lunch, then looked at it again a few hours later.

Ooooh that stinks. And of so very borderline racist. The razor's edge...

I'm going to cut out the inflammatory rhetoric and just leave a couple quotes and part of the doomshouting...

Thoughtful quote regarding Immigration:

“Now, just to understand better what's going on, let's imagine the shoe on the other foot.
Let's imagine that hundreds of thousands of badly-educated Americans, white Americans, were pouring across the border into Mexico.
And let's imagine that they were insisting on instruction in school in English rather than Spanish. Let's imagine they were asking for ballot papers in English rather than Spanish, they were celebrating Fourth of July rather than Cinco de Mayo, buying up newspapers, publishing in English, television stations, radios, all publishing and broadcasting in English, and that there were so many of them coming in that they threatened to reduce Mexicans to minority.
Do you think the Mexicans could possibly be tricked into thinking that this was enrichment, this was diversity, that this was great?
No. They wouldn’t stand for it for a moment.
This would be to them an impossible unacceptable invasion of their country. And you would find the same reaction in any non-white country anywhere in the world.
Can you imagine, say, the Japanese or the Nigerians, the Pakistanis, the Costa Ricans accepting this kind of wholesale demographic change that would change their country, transform their country, and reduce them to a minority?
These things are impossible to imagine.”
- Jared Taylor

The next part was basically a "What Me Worry?" paragraph to lighten the mood after I went off on the state of Immigration in the US:

Neil DeGrasse Tyson says we are screwed anyway...
"On Friday the 13th of April 2029, an asteroid large enough to fill the Rose Bowl as though it were an egg cup, will fly so close to Earth, that it will dip below the altitude of our communication satellites. We did not name this asteroid Bambi. Instead, it's named Apophis, after the Egyptian god of darkness and death.
If the trajectory of Apophis at close approach passes within a narrow range of altitudes called the 'keyhole,' the precise influence of Earth's gravity on its orbit will guarantee that seven years later in 2036, on its next time around, the asteroid will hit Earth directly, slamming in the Pacific Ocean between California and Hawaii. The tsunami it creates will wipe out the entire west coast of North America, bury Hawaii, and devastate all the land masses of the Pacific Rim. If Apophis misses the keyhole in 2029, then, of course, we have nothing to worry about in 2036"- NDG - Space Chronicles - Facing the Ultimate Frontier
Apophis is a huge cosmic question mark, since a shit-ton of elements will still affect it's trajectory... There's questions on it's shape, center-of-mass, spin characteristics, and a bunch of other outside influences that could affect the event.

Wonder what it would be like if the rock splashes down?
Read Larry Niven's Lucifer's Hammer... Great book on life after a meteor impact.

For more info on Apophis, have a peek at NASA's Near Earth Object Program's notes on Apophis and their much-watered-down predictions, including a date change from Friday the 13th, to Easter Sunday, 2029, read here.
Consider yourselves lucky that I thought better of subjecting you to the original
load of horseshit... You dodged a bullet.


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Nanny-Stating At Its Finest

If, during your travels, you find yourself in Mexico City and you take your life and your colonic health in your hands and venture to a restaurant, you will witness some world-class nanny stating.
Notice the table, set with the finest flatware produced in the local barrios, hand forged from old car batteries. The lovely servilletas, cute little napkins that only yesterday afternoon were gently used toilet paper being pulled from the wastecans in the restaurant's baño and meticulously rinsed and reformed into quilted napkins. The candle is a mix of beef tallow and porcine earwax sourced from the local Carnicero, mixed with a bit of bathroom urinal cake to give a 'pleasant' scent (or at least mask the acrid notes of  death and decay wafting through the open sewers next to the kitchen). The shining silver-colored plates will leach chromium and arsenic into your meal as they are actually circular cut-outs from the shielding used in retired X-Ray equipment and old iron lung machines...

What is MISSING, however, is the salero, the venerable and ubiquitous salt shaker found on every table from New York City (where you can't have a Big Gulp, but you can have a pound of kosher salt on the table) to the lowliest ресторан in Yakutsk Siberia,
removed by government 'request' back in 2013, in order to help curb obesity and hypertension in Mexico. 

Want some salt to further cover up the taste of spoiled rat meat or waaaaay out of date processed poultry by-products that is skating around your slightly-radioactive plate in a thin sheen of pepper sauce and heavily used 10w40 motor oil? Ask your camarera for the salt, pantomiming by shaking your hand over your plate. She will either misinterpret the gesture as a request for a handjob and quickly call her mother or younger sister hoping to make a quick 160 pesos, or make a correct deduction and waddle off to get your salt shaker. She'll deliver it to the table and wait impatiently, foot-tapping and eye-rolling, for you to finish sprinkling crystalized death over you food, then snatch it back off the table and deliver it back to the cabinet where salt, the cook's heroin, and the dish-washing staff's crystal meth are stored under lock-and-key...

Guess what? 
Want to cut down on salt consumption? Quit using so damn much of it in absolutely everything that is prepared for public sale. Everything I've eaten has had 150+% of the usual RDA of sodium...
I'm a salt fiend - I've been known to add salt to my Salt & Vinegar potato chips...
The only time I've need a bit of the old NaCl here is when I got a pair of rather dubious-looking sunny-side up eggs for breakfast yesterday morning.
(These eggs were, I estimate, older than my socks, based on the condition of the yolks.

The fresher the egg, the 'higher' the yolks stand... The things were concave- higher around the edges of the yolk than the center. Awful. Just appalling.)
Nothing else I have had to eat needed salt- not the 'hamburger', not the al pastor. Even the michelada had a ton of salt in it, in addition to the salt-and-chili mix on the rim of the glass. 

Mauro's Michelada Supreme 
(Pic: Food Network)
(No Angry Orchard, Strongbow, Magners, MacKenzie's or anything else cider-like. A michelada is going completely the other direction though...Don't ask why. Seemed like a good idea at the time.)

So- where are we going with this?
So if the gummint decides something is bad for you (or the planet), and can request or mandate that it be removed from general access, where does it end?

New York knows. 
No large sodas. No styrofoam food containers.
No plastic bags.

How long before bacon goes away- the fatty, salty, smoky cured slice of death 

How long until the outlawing of barbecue- because burned meat means carcinogens.
Will prohibition come back, when some SJW decides that the number of people killed by alcoholism and drinking-related activities (DUI, etc) is unacceptable?
Motorcycles - those seatbeltless rockets of death on two wheels - so much more dangerous than cars. Outlaw them!
Nanny is coming for everything you love.

Start hoarding the bacon now.


Saturday, November 28, 2015

Overheard on the Balcony

"Is... That... a Bobcat?"
"On the roof of that building."
"I wonder how they got that bastard up there."

"Well, having seen how they do stuff here, and know a little about local hardware limitations, I doubt they used the building elevator."
"Highly unlikely... They probably some thing like a catapult or maybe a trebuchet."
After looking thoughtfully at it for a minute:
"Wonder how they'll  get it down."
"They won't. Looks like they are demoing the building out from under it."

Breaking the "Rules"

Not Following Common Sense Warnings
Down in Mexico City now...
We got an email from the security department of the Client warning of the terrible things that would happen if one left the safe confines of one's hotel room or secured spaces of the hotel or arena.
Under no circumstances were we to leave the hotel without an armed guard, especially at night...
Needless to say, at 10 last night, just as things were starting to get rolling, I was walking through Zona Rosa with 500 peso notes hanging out of my pockets, my nose buried in my smartphone and wearing earbuds- oblivious to the world.
Well- not me, but I did see these idjits as I walked around the Red Zone.
I see why young Americans are often victims of 3 hour kidnappings.
They are scooped up by local hoods just before midnight, roughed up, taken to an ATM and forced to make a maximum withdrawal, then after midnight passes they have to make another max withdrawal, then get dumped.
At least that's  the local lore...
Me? I walked around for 2 hours, marveling at the Condition White morons, then walked back to my hotel, had a tequila nightcap, and slept like the dead until 4am when my neighbors in room 108 came home and engaged in drywall-denting coitus.
TBG - en Mexico

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Asking The Right Questions

 Understanding the answers.

 Heading to Mexico City on Friday...
All that tequila ain't gonna drink itself, y'know.

One of the reasons I like going to Mexico City is the street food, and I'm really looking forward to a little shithole around the corner from the hotel I'm staying in...
The place is called Tacos Don Guero...

 It's a little al pastor place in a renovated garage... I did a rundown on it last year...
Read original story here.

One of the real dangers is that cone-o-meat...
The first night I went there I had a translator with me.
Kinda like watching commercial sausage or hot dogs being made, you don't want to know what is in the giant cone-o-meat.

Yours Truly: "Ask him what kind of meat is in the al pastor"
Translator: "¿Qué tipo de carne está en el al pastor? Es carne de cerdo o pollo?"
Masetro Del La Plancha: (Laughs)
T:"¿Es el caballo?"
MDLP:"Usted desea que era caballo. Le gustaría que fuera carne de burro."
T: "¿Entonces que es?"
MDLP:"Es una mezcla de rata, el perdedor del perro pelea de la noche anterior, y las chicas de Europa del Este que no mantenga la respiración muy bien."
 T:"Ah. Bueno."
YT: "So, what is it?"
T: "He says it is chicken." 
 Sometimes you're better off not knowing.


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Are You Fucking Kidding Me?

TL;DR: We demand you voluntarily bankrupt and destroy UNC-Chapel Hill.
Story here.

November 19th, 2015
UNC Chapel Hill
To the UNC-Chapel Hill Administration, UNC-Chapel Hill Board of Trustees, UNC Board of Governors, North Carolina General Assembly, and other governing bodies:
UNC Chapel Hill is an unethical institution. From massive labor exploitation across campus to the athletic industrial complex, treating Black and Brown people as less than is essential to the everyday running of UNC. In 1968 the Black Student Movement issued 23 demands to the University. Almost 50 years have passed, but if you look at the demands you realize we are still dealing with exactly the same issues: little has changed. There is no institutional will to enact a shift away from white supremacist, patriarchal capitalism. There is no institutional will to recognize the anti-Blackness that stains the very roots of this University.

You include Black and Brown bodies in the institution, and mark them with the words “diversity,” “inclusion,” and “multiculturalism.” You throw us on brochures and tout us in statistics. You do this to hide the way UNC would not function were it not for the mass displacement, exploitation, slow death, and genocide of Black and Brown people. We are not trying to integrate into a violent system, while others among our people are suffering both inside and outside the University.

For this reason, it is high time that serious structural alterations be made to higher education.
Our aspirations are untainted: free tuition via a University open to all, abolition of the police and prisons, free and collectivized housing and food, and more. There are many smaller steps needed to realize this, so here we set out a program to lay the groundwork for this vision. Many of these demands are not new. Hence, we honor the workers and students in groups such as Student Action with Workers, Students United for Immigrant Equality, Sierra Student Coalition, and the Board of Governors Democracy Coalition, among many others, and reiterate some of their demands to the University, too.
Critically, this is a living document that will be modified and added to, evolving over time.
We invite you to join us in visioning and rebuilding education for the better. Our demands are as follows.

1. We DEMAND that the University incorporate mandatory programming for all University constituents (students, faculty, staff, administrators, deans, chairs, etc.) that teaches the historical racial violence of this University and town as well as a historical and contemporary look at the ways in which racial capitalism, settler colonialism, and cisheteropatriarchy structure our world. This will come from an ungraded course created and facilitated by a coalition of students as part of a broader task force of workers, students and staff. There is an acceptance of oppression as the norm at this University that must be called out and addressed. The program will be vetted by a University professor of our choosing.

2. We DEMAND equitable funding allocated to the Department of African, African American, and Diaspora Studies and the Department of Women and Gender Studies at UNC-Chapel Hill. They perform a critical role at our University, creating spaces to engage in discussions and work against violent structures of privilege and oppression. In the wake of the Wainstein Report, Black Studies was scapegoated and pathologized on this campus — this was not only unacceptable, but something that was not addressed by the University at large.


3. We DEMAND that standardized tests such as the SAT, SAT II, and ACT no longer be considered during admissions process, as high scores on these tests correlate most closely with higher household income, disproportionately benefiting wealthier, white students. Following in the steps of Wake Forest University, UNC-Chapel Hill must become accessible to students who are presently marginalized from attending.

4. We DEMAND the University publish data on the homepage of the UNC website on the graduation rates of Black, Indigenous, and Latina/o students at UNC that account for students who drop out or transfer, disaggregating data for race, gender, and class. Currently this information is well-hidden by the administration and we believe residents of North Carolina, especially students, deserve to see this data in order to hold this institution accountable to its mandate to educate the residents of North Carolina.

5. We DEMAND that the University publish data on the homepage of the UNC website on the admission rates of Black, Indigenous, and Latina/o students and disaggregates for race, gender, and class.

6. We DEMAND that the University follow-up with all students who have decided to withdraw from the University or transfer and determine why they left and publish this data. For instance, we find that Black and Indigenous men who leave are often academically eligible, meaning the issue is more nuanced and has structural determinants that are not being considered.

7. We DEMAND the immediate firing of Margaret Spellings. And any future President of the UNC system must be decided collectively by students, staff, faculty, workers, and those living in North Carolina who are marginalized by the University space.
Margaret Spelling was chosen behind closed doors. The secretive firing of Tom Ross was done with the purpose of instituting someone invested in the corporatization of the University system.
She has shown herself to be homophobic, describing LGBTQIA+ people’s lives as “those lifestyles.”
She was one of the architects of the No Child Left Behind Act as Secretary of Education under George W. Bush, and thus was responsible for pushing standardized testing that has cemented institutionally racist practices into schools across the country.

8. We DEMAND that students and workers of our choosing will be included in all committees commissioned for the hiring of top tier administrators (i.e. Chancellor, Dean, President). The current president of ASG, the student body president, and president of GPSF are already involved in some of these processes, and clearly we cannot rely on a few tokenized students.

9. We DEMAND that every Board of Governors meeting have a session for public comment and petition.

10. We DEMAND that students, non-academic workers, academic workers, and other North Carolina Constituents be given a vote on the Board of Governors. As it currently stands, even issuing a single student vote is insufficient to shift the balance of power.

11. We DEMAND that University cafeterias, gym memberships, libraries, and class registration be free to all residents of North Carolina regardless of admittance into the institution.

12. We DEMAND increased funding for historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Throughout North Carolina, the majority of HBCUs have experienced decreased enrollment over the past few years as a result of precarious state and federal support.

13. We DEMAND that the UNC Management Company and the Board of Trustees should begin researching and carrying out an immediate divestment from:
Private jails, prisons and detention centers, Israeli Apartheid, Coal
14. We DEMAND that the investments made on behalf of the University should be made with more transparency to ensure the endowment of the University can be tracked according to the industry, company, and funds that are being invested in. This information should be made available to the public via an online database.

15. We DEMAND an endowment oversight committee of students and workers of our choosing be immediately instituted in order to create a framework for ethical guidelines that will facilitate University investment decisions.

16. We DEMAND the University stop contracting with Aramark and all other corporate entities. Aramark is a corporation deeply invested in the expansion of the prison industrial complex (PIC) and hence the massively growing prison economy, which is targeted at criminalizing and caging working class Black people.
The University should re-hire all current employees of Aramark.
We know the history of the 1970 Lenoir Workers Strike, where 200 Black cafeteria workers went on strike in response to management attempts to crush union organizing. UNC privatized food services in 1971, just one year after the strikes. We know that UNC contracts with Aramark in order to avoid providing decent working conditions, benefits and pay for Black and Brown workers, while undermining their ability to unionize and collectively bargain.
All other current contracts should adhere to the same or better standards of labor as the University and UNC Hospitals until these institutions stop contracting with other corporations and begin employing workers directly.

17. We DEMAND that the University NOT privatize UNC Student Stores, whether with Follett Corporation or another group. We stand with the workers who have given years of service to the campus and have demanded UNC reevaluate its push for privatization.

18. We DEMAND that the University evaluate all companies it is currently licensing with, and make decisions to cut contracting with corporations proven to have deeply exploitative and abusive track records toward workers. Given that, we DEMAND UNC cut its current licensing with:
VF Corporation
Signing the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh is insufficient, because VF Corporation, which makes UNC apparel, has moved their sites of production outside of Bangladesh, effectively nullifying the Accord. 
The University signed a near $40 million 10-year contract with the corporation in 2009. Follow the lead of the University of Wisconsin, which cut ties amid labor concerns.

19. We DEMAND that the University’s Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) be directed by a taskforce of our choosing which would oversee the hiring of mental health care providers, with a strong mandate to aggressively recruit and hire mental health professionals of marginalized backgrounds, especially people of color. We DEMAND that all hiring of therapists should make the utmost priority to hire people of color with a strong structural analysis of mental health and anti-oppression. Students should be able to attend counseling sessions that do not reinforce and antagonize them based on oppression that is already forcing them into the counseling session in the first place.

20. We DEMAND that the limit of 6-8 individual counseling sessions be lifted and that all students regardless of full-time or part-time enrollment may receive mental healthcare services through CAPS according to their needs. All outside referrals should ensure that the cost of care will be truly affordable or free to the student.

21. We DEMAND Gender Non-Specific housing and bathrooms across UNC’s campus.

22. We DEMAND that the University take responsibility in stopping and reversing the ongoing displacement of working class Black people out of Chapel Hill and Carrboro and demonstrate this through investment in collectively-owned housing projects.

23. We DEMAND that the University decriminalize sleeping on campus or being on campus after midnight for non-students. We know these policies are primarily meant to police poor, Black, and Brown bodies on supposedly “public” space.

24. We DEMAND a task force of students and workers of our choosing be immediately instituted in order to create a timeline and action plan to address the University’s relation to policing and penal institutions. The first initiative of this taskforce is for the University to provide a statement calling for a moratorium on jail and prison construction in North Carolina. We say this in the wake of a new, larger jail being planned for Hillsborough, NC, which will continue the practice of holding Black, brown, undocumented, poor, queer, trans folks and people with mental illness in captivity.

25. We DEMAND that cameras surveilling students, workers, and white supremacist monuments on campus be deactivated and removed.

26. We DEMAND that police are trained on de-escalation techniques, so that they avoid the use of force in seemingly antagonistic encounters.
Similarly, we DEMAND that campus police participate in the University-wide political education in order to learn about how our institutions of policing, prisons, and the courts have their roots in racism.

27. We DEMAND an end to the list of people banned from the University campus, who we are certain are disproportionately poor and homeless people of color.

28. We DEMAND that UNC not privatize its police force and/or contract with other security or surveillance firms now or in the future. Still, a public police is no better, if not worse. Policing as an institution must be abolished, and must be replaced with restorative and transformative justice practices, rather than functioning as a mouth into our penal system.

29. We DEMAND that no additional funding be provided to the UNC Department of Public Safety and call for a divestment from policing on our campus.

30. We DEMAND the complete disarming of the UNC Department of Public Safety (UNC Police) and UNC Hospital Police.

30. We DEMAND that the University take it upon itself to take demonstrable actions to decrease police harassment, arrests, and general police contact with working-class, poor, and homeless Black and Brown people. The University as a form of white space necessitates intensified policing and surveillance in all of Chapel Hill and Carrboro, particularly on campus and on Franklin Street.

31. We DEMAND public condemnation of the anti-Black Confederate rally that occurred on this campus and their terroristic intimidation of Black students at UNC.

32. We DEMAND the removal of the racist Confederate monument Silent Sam and ALL confederate monuments on campuses in the UNC-system.

33. We DEMAND that Carolina Hall, a whitewashing of Saunders Hall, be renamed Hurston Hall. A plaque on the exterior of the building should make clear that William Saunders was a chief architect of white supremacy in North Carolina as a Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan.

34. We DEMAND a space on campus to highlight the many Black leaders who were and are Greek on this campus. This space will honor their contributions to this campus, the surrounding community, and this country. The importance of plots transcends Greek life and crosses into the territory of Black history and legacies that have been erased from the University, particularly since the University has felt the need to allow the Silent Sam statue to remain intact.

35. We DEMAND that the Black Student Movement (BSM) reclaim control of the Upendo Lounge in the Student and Academic Services Building. As early as 1972, BSM had its own space in Chase Hall, called the Upendo Lounge; however, Chase Hall was demolished in 2003, and BSM currently does not have a meeting place under their complete jurisdiction.

36. We DEMAND the elimination of tuition and fees for all students. In achieving this, we call for an immediate moratorium on tuition and fee increases, decreases until all students are graduating without student debt, and the establishment of financial aid that is loan-free and labor-free (no work study). These demands cut across study abroad programs outside of UNC and need-based initiatives such as the Covenant Scholars Program. We know that merit scholarships reproduce inequality as they primarily benefit wealthier, white students. Hence, we aim to end the mythology of meritocracy that is pervasive in higher education.

37. We DEMAND in-state tuition and full financial aid for all residents of North Carolina, regardless of immigration status.

38. We DEMAND a tuition task force of students and workers of our choosing be immediately instituted in order to create a timeline and action plan to create this reality.

39. We DEMAND more aggressive recruitment of Black faculty and faculty of color. This includes positions in CAPS and Campus Health practitioners.   
For all faculty, administrative, and staff positions, make formal priority to hire formerly incarcerated people, refugees, Black, Indigenous, and Latina/o people.

40. We DEMAND a faculty-hiring and tenure task force of students and workers of our choosing with full decision-making authority be immediately instituted in order to create a timeline and action plan for hiring procedures and practices.

41. We DEMAND all department heads and deans of African, African American and Diaspora Studies, Asian Studies, American Indian Studies, Latin American Studies, and other similar departments and programs MUST be faculty of color.

42. We DEMAND that priority must be given to hiring and tenuring of faculty of color over white faculty in those departments, to the extent that 80% of the faculty of said departments must be made up of faculty of color. White professors must be discouraged from leading and teaching departments about demographics and societies colonized, massacred, or enslaved under white supremacy.

43. We DEMAND a University and hospital-wide minimum wage of at least $25.00/hour that is commensurate with the living costs of downtown Chapel Hill plus full benefits for all workers regardless of temporary, permanent, part-time, full-time, or contracted status. For a household with a single working adult and three children $32.86 is the full-time minimum wage required for a family to live decently in Durham/Chapel Hill. People should not be compensated for their labor so that they can merely get by, but so that they can thrive.

44. We DEMAND that an increase in wages should never result in a cutting of hours. Workers must be paid enough to live, work, and care for family in Chapel Hill, as white supremacist, patriarchal capitalism has made housing prices skyrocket and rendered the town unaffordable to one too many.

45. We DEMAND that all administrators be compensated at the same rate as workers. UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Carol Folt currently receives a base salary of $570,000. Her pay is symptomatic of the way universities have a bloated administrative system with numerous over-paid workers in executive positions.

46.We DEMAND that all workers at the UNC system & UNC Hospitals have the right to unionize and collectively bargain.

47. We DEMAND that the UNC-System and UNC-Chapel Hill advocate for the right to unionize and collectively bargain for workers on a state and national level.

48. We DEMAND a minimum compensation of $15,000 per course for all adjunct faculty.

49. We DEMAND that the University and UNC Hospitals stop employment discrimination against formerly incarcerated people. Numerous scholars and activists have pointed out how the U.S. criminal punishment system has racism ingrained in its roots, as it has been tasked with the duty of criminalizing and caging primarily working class Black people.
“Ban the box” on University and UNC Hospitals job applications.
Stop criminal background checks for all faculty, staff, and administration.

50. We DEMAND that free childcare and afterschool care is provided to all staff, students, and faculty at UNC and UNC-Hospitals.

51. We DEMAND transportation from Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools to afterschool programs at UNC.

52. We DEMAND that the University and hospital actively advocate for all staff, students, and faculty be eligible to enroll their children in Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools.

53. We DEMAND that student-athletes are recognized as University employees, paid a base salary $25.00/hour with benefits, and, further, compensated in accordance with the level of revenue that they bring to the University.  We recognize that men’s basketball and football, via the  exploitation of Black men, are central to the athletics industrial complex (AIC) that runs the University.
54. Hence, we DEMAND a complete dismantling of the AIC in the long term — education should not be a mode of racist, capitalist accumulation.

55. We DEMAND that sexual violence and all forms of racist, gendered violence should be seriously addressed in employment practices on this campus, particularly against women of color in the Housekeeping Department.
Former Housekeeping Director Bill Burston sexually abused refugee women from Burma: they traded sex for jobs and he actively tried to hire these women in place of Black women. UNC failed to protect María Isabel Prudencio-Arias from retaliation for speaking out against the case.

56. We DEMAND that all workers receive free monthly GO Passes and free parking through employment with UNC or UNC-Hospitals. We know that workers in the Triangle and particularly in Chapel Hill are forced to live far away in order to afford housing and pay astronomical costs for transportation.

57. We DEMAND language justice for all workers at UNC. Trainings, materials, and all communication should be made available in all languages that workers prefer. We recognize that the University relies on the labor of a large number of refugee workers and Latin American immigrants, and these workers should be provided with the same access to information and communication as English-speaking workers. Additionally, verbal instructions and communication should be made available in addition to written materials for all workers, as we recognize that workers are often denied proper education, even for English-speakers born in the U.S.
Gone are the days where we ask for what is past due to us: we are here to take what is ours.
Tear it down, or we shut you down.

Thanks, Asshole

This is why we can't have nice things.

Some noob/provisional local LEO decided he'd take his AR and some M855 to our local FOP range and get some target practice in.
1. Not a member of the FOP or the Range
2. Pistol calibers ONLY
3. He's a lying asshole

He gets the combination code to the range gate from some other local LEO and
heads to the range.

Noob Asshole: "Wow, what nice divots these AP rounds put in that 1/4" steel."

Noob Asshole: "Well, wadda ya know. They do pierce steel plate."

So, after Officer Asshole destroys $1000 worth of steel plates he leaves all his brass scattered around the site he takes off. Not being an FOP or Range member, he doesn't know that there are 4 streaming cameras at the range/firing line and 3 cameras shooting the access roads.
When the damage is discovered, it takes only 20 minutes to find and identify the culprit.
When Officer Dindunuffin* is confronted, he denies everything.
When presented with video and photo evidence, he admits guilt.
When asked who gave him the code for the gate (a major violation of FOP and Range rules) he replies with the ever-popular "I don't remember."

Hey, Moron- two important attributes of a LEO- a GOOD MEMORY and the ability to make good decisions.
You have just DQ'd yourself from the job.
Have a nice f'ing day.

(*I just love this monniker - it's a Tam-isim. So useful and accurate.)

Shit Stirring

So... Wearing this around Jacksonville would probably earn me
an earnest talking-to...

But when I go to Australia...... Hmmm.


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Assholes Being Assholes

Seems like there are so many more "White Supremacy" incidents in the last few weeks...
Seems to me they fall into two major categories:
1. People who want to give the BLM crowd and the campus crybullies something to protest- usually someone from the same organizations hoaxing, so they stay relevant.

2. Shit - stirrers like the 4-chaners, militant Redditors, and refugees from /b/ that just love throwing monkey wrenches for the sake of wrenching, not because of racial hatred.

That small percentage of REAL white supremacy retards have always been out there and probably know better than to fan the flames...The BLM is doing a bang-up job of alienating Everyone Else on their own. The WS crowd knows that getting caught making a poo-swastika would be stepping on their own dicks in a major way...

The BLM folks that are creating their own outrages (swastikas,  white power graffiti, provocative social media messages) fall back on the ever-popular defense of "I did it just to see what would happen."...
Like this idjit:
Police at Saginaw Valley State University say a threat posted on the social media site Yik Yak read, "I'm going to shoot every black person I can on campus. Starting tomorrow morning."
Guess who:

The original post was followed later by: 
"Its [sic] a joke,"
"I'm black,"
"I was going to give it an hour to see how you all would react," and
"Right. I could be angry and just expressing myself lol."


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Which Reminds Me...

The pig from earlier in the week?

1/3 of the way through cooking. Time to flip him over and cut the skin...

Cutting the skin so the fat renders out..

End result...
Horrifying but oh-so-tasty.


Reading my RSS feeds about the Temps and snow around the country...
I am tempted to throw in my "woe is me" story for this Sunday...
Well, it's spitting tiny raindrops, temp is in the low 70's...
I'm sitting outside the lodge at the FOP range cooking yet another pig.
(52 lbs)
Looks like the rain will be done by 12. The annual turkey shoot starts about that time, and then our annual Turkey Shoot Feast begins about 4:30.
The pig should be done by 3 or 3:30, so things are running according to schedule.
Cold front coming through tonight...
Temps will be waaaay down in the low 60's out here at the beach...
(Please send angry messages re: shitty weather in the comments. Thx)

Thursday, November 19, 2015

It's That Time Of Year Again

The annual SMT Thanksgiving feast!

I was on-station at 5:45 this morning to get the La Caja China going...
(More pics soon.)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Following The Logic

Quite a few of the talking heads on the Left are rightly pointing out that the perpetrators of the Paris attacks were not actually Syrian refugees.
They only POSED as refugees with forged docs to make border crossings easier in order to make their attacks.

According to them, it should be OK to accept REAL Syrian refugees to the US.
(Because they'd never try to get here by using that tactic. The DHS is way too smart to fall for that!)

Friday, November 13, 2015

One of Those Weeks


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Attention to Detail

Okay Touch of Modern...
Get your act together.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I'm not an Angry Person

I'm just tired of assholes.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Boozing Pro-Tips


Monday, November 09, 2015

Good Day

Yesterday sucked...
Rained all day.

Today is shaping up better.

The rain slacked off enough to ride my bike to work. Got a bunch of stuff worked out and through the wheels at work.

I think I deserve a nice lunch...

Lost in Translation


Friday, November 06, 2015

Pandering Of The Worst Kind

How fixing a 'problem' for appeasement can bite you in the ass.

    [ahy-zuh n-glas, -glahs, ahy-zing-]
    1. a pure, transparent or translucent form of gelatin, obtained from the  air bladders of certain fish, especially the sturgeon: used in glue and jellies and as a clarifying agent. 
 Because 'isinglass' sounds better than 'fish guts'.


Guinness has folded to pressure from the vegan crowd and changed their process to make their product adhere to vegan conditions.
Specifically, taking isinglass out of the filtration process as part of the finishing of their magnificent brew.
Read here.

Really- you are changing a 256-year-old process because 1700 social justice warriors signed an on-line petition?
I wonder if they ever had a chat about or researched what happened with New Coke?
Cause that worked out so well...

Can't wait to see how this plays out...


Notes From Steerage Class

So, I'm often asked why our company sends us poor fools around the world in coach class seating.

This is why.


Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Better Commute Today



No. No issues.
I have a whole SUBSCRIPTION.


Tuesday, November 03, 2015

All Statistics and Polls Are Bullshit

When are people ever going to learn that anytime someone throws a statistic at them, it's probably slanted, biased or just plain wrong.

The Climatistas and their 97% of scientists, and the GunControllers with their 40% of unregulated gun sales...
It all bullshit.
You have to dig deeper, which people just won't do, to get to the truth.

97% of the scientists that make their living off Gummint grants regarding climate alarmism are the ones in agreement- NOT 97% of all scientists.
That 40% figure,  someone pulled that one out of the aether after a very unscientific poll of uninformed people that didn't own guns.

This is why I cannot put any faith in any polls or surveys about the  slate of 2016 candidates...
It just doesn't matter until people actually are in the voting booth and are punching the chads...

So knock off quoting the latest poll from whoever thinks your candidate looks prettiest.

Serially, they all suck-
The question is, who sucks least. (Or best, IYKWIM)


Morning Hate

I hate traffic.

Enough Said

(New Version since the last one shit the bed when I hit 'Post'.)


Monday, November 02, 2015

The Walk of Shame

The Walk of Shame on the morning after Halloween is the worst walk of shame ever...

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Trigger Warning: Work

This is a political post. Those easily offended by insinuations of laziness or entitlements by a particular class, culture or political party should go visit or some such other site. Kthxbai.

Ok, where was I... Oh yeah.

Why is it that the Left/Progressives/Democrats only want to talk about 'work' in only a very limited form?
To wit:
Work- The Republicans and Democrats should work together to make progress on initiatives favored by the Left.
Work- The effort performed by (usually) conservative that generates wages that are taxed in order to pay for freebies, social welfare programs, Obamaphones, and undeserved Obamacare subsidies for  entitled Leftists.
Work- the effort expended by Left - leaning politicians to develop programs to wring more and more tax dollars out of productive citizens in order to give money,  goods, services, and health/education to Illegal Immigrants, chronically unemployed, and other societal parasites.

Tell an Entitled leech that he needs to put in 20 hours of Community Service work to qualify for SNAP and you'll hear the broken falsetto voice of Maynard G Krebs - "WORK!?  Forget that. My baby - momma gets plenty on the SNAP/WIC/nameoffavoritesocialprogramhere".

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Uncle Jay vs China - Steel Cage Match

Shanghai Eats ▪ Part the Fifth

It's not Sriracha, but it's not bad...

Fruity Sauce.