Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Good One...

Quote of the Week
(So far...)

We were pulling out of a parking lot this evening when a delivery vehicle came blazing by, cutting us off.

As he passed by we saw the cartop sign for Jimmy Johns sandwich shop.
Our resident propeller-head PIPE up.
"Wow... He *was* going freaky fast."

Very impressive, young Skywalker...


Sunday, April 06, 2014

Never Fear...

Not to worry, Constant Readers...

No worries- just busy as hell.


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Interlude


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Home Sweet Home

If you know Jacksonville, you'll love this...

Wow. The truth hurts, don't it?

TBG - between The Ditch and the Good Looking People.

Scary Thoughts

Some What-Ifs regarding MH370...

What if a certain (extremely violent) religious faction with a bunch of money wanted a jumbo jet... Something with long range and significant cargo capacity.

A faction that could afford to buy off a pilot and copilot for several million bucks? Disappear forever money. A group that could co-opt an airstrip in a third or fourth-world shithole on the dirty end of Southease Asia to hide said jumbo until they are ready to move...

Said faction could probably easily put their hands on the requisite gallons of fuel to fly that jumbo pretty much anywhere they want... And load the plane with 55 gallon drums of accelerant.

And the people that were on it? That particular faction doesn't, as a rule, have any problem with up-close mass murder to further their cause. Just adds to their terror quotient...

Could said jumbo jet be flown from the aforementioned shithole 'under the radar' to a meaningful target without detection?

I hate to be paranoid, but I don't think I'd want to be in/near a high-value target until they get everything sorted out.
But thats just me.
Your mileage might vary...


Channeling Fred Flintstone

Brontosaurus Rib with BBQ Corn, jalapeno poppers and cheesegrit cake.

TBG at 4Rivers

Friday, March 14, 2014

Trying Something New

I just got back from some meetings in NY and NJ.

Usually I get a rental car but this time I decided to try public transportation- taking the train and buses to get around...
Caught the train into Penn Station from EWR- that was pretty painless.

Getting back out to NJ for my next meeting was up next.

I took a PATH bus from Port Authority out to Secaucus...

It might not be a big deal to you, but I usually ride a motorcycle...
I've never driven a bus through the Lincoln Tunnel before.
F'n scary.



3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679821480865132823066470938446095505822317253594081284811174502841027019385211055596446229489549303819644288109756659334461284756482337867831652712019091456485669234603486104543266482133936072602491412737245870066063155881748815209209628292540917153643678925903600113305305488204665213841469519415116094330572703657595919530921861173819326117931051185480744623799627495673518857527248912279381830119491298336733624406566430860213949463952247371907021798609437027705392171762931767523846748184676694051320005681271452635608277857713427577896091736371787214684409012249534301465495853710507922796892589235420199561121290219608640344181598136297747713099605187072113499999983729780499510597317328160963185950244594553469083026425223082533446850352619311881710100031378387528865875332083814206171776691473035982534904287554687311595628638823537875937519577818577805321712268066130019278766111959092164201989 Day.

TBG, contemplating pie for dessert tonight.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Travelers Blues

I should be on final into Jax right now.

Instead I'm sitting on the runway at EWR. For the last hour.

On my last nerve.

Winter is Coming


On the way to EWR.
It's 24 degrees with a 20 knot wind, that's 9 degrees with the wind chill factor.
This sucks out loud.

You Yankees have been going through this kinda crap all winter?

Man. Y'all are tougher than I thought.

TBG, standing on the platform waiting on the train.
Fukkin' freezing.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

On Being A Glasshole

I got them early adopter blues


Preface: pls pardon the lack of formatting and illustrations.
I'm sitting at a NJ Dunkin' Donuts writing this on the Blogger app on my iPad, whick lacks some of the subtlety of the PC Blogger app.
I'd normally eschew dining at a place with such an egregiously grammatically incorrect and misspelled name, but the only other place nearby is Fourbucks, sorry, Starbucks and after 6 weeks of that in Sochi, well, I'd rather drink rainwater out of the gutter on Bourbon Street than give the Seattle mermaid  my money. But I digress...


I was, briefly, a Glasshole.
I got an email last week from The Google (the G-Spot? The Big G? Need to come up with a properly mildly derisive term for Google) inviting me, for a relatively obscene amount of money, to join the Google Glass Explorer's Club, with all the rights and privileges (like getting thrown out of bars and clubs, or attacked on the street for invading someone's soi disant privacy) thereof.
Stupid expensive, because I could build at least two well-appointed AR-15s, buy a dozen Mosins, or go hafsies on an FN-SCAR if I could find some poor fool that wanted to waste the big wad of cash that   Google wants for a pair (?) of Google Glasses.
(Hm. That's uncomfortable to write too... That singular-plural paradox- a 'pair of pants' vs 'a bra'. GGlass is one item. One unit. How 'bout we call 'em 'Glosses'?)

So... Google gets you coming and going... Kinda like them forcing you to get a G+ account in order to comment on YouTube a few months ago. To throw that big wad of your hard-earned rubles (53,650rub) at them, you have to have a Google Wallet. Fortunately for me, I already have a GWallet. It goes well with my G+ account, my GLicense, GMail, GCondoms, and will help immensly with my GLobotomy this summer.

When you do throw your money at them, they have the good sense to really deliver... Like the very next day. I ordered it on Thursday afternoon and got my Glosses on Friday morning.
I had had a conversation with The Big Hat (now the 2nd Biggest Hat after our buy-out) regarding Glosses last fall. He had mentioned that it'd be good to get them into the hands of our propeller-heads back in development to see if there is anything they could be useful for in the scoring/timing/stats/sports technology area... We have several folks that applied to Google for Glosses but so far I'm the only one to get one. 

I had to give them a test flight... I got them configured, figured out how to control them- how to get data into and out of them, how to do searches, emails, and took some pictures and videos...
All without leaving my office...
To tell the truth, I was a little hesitant to walk around even in the relatively safe environs of the office mainly beacuse a significant portion of our staff are suspicious to the point of cutting a piece of opaque tape on the built-in cameras on their laptops. They'd most likely freak to see The Office Ogre walking around with a video camera stuck to my forehead.

And this is the problem I have with that kind of mentality in people...
These people freak out when they see new technology that could possibly be used to eavesdrop on them, but have no problem with the thousands of CCTV cameras they walk around and under every day. 
It thinking about this, I did an informal survey as I walked around Jax Airport, EWR & Manhattan yesterday... I stopped counting at 1500 cameras around 3:00pm.
When you stop to look for it, there are an obscene number of cameras watching us at any given moment.
As I write this, I'm in the view of 4 cameras inside the store, there is one that can see me through the front window, one that can probably see me on the ATM across the courtyard, at least 4 more watching the courtyard outside, and no doubt several more at the other stores and restaurants that I will pass by.
What prompted this was a piece on CNN last night that showed video inside the club in SanFran (Molotov) that was made by a girl wearing Glosses as she was attacked, verbally and physically, for wearing them.
People complained that their privacy was being compromised and that they were having their oh-so-precious rights violated. You can see on the video several of those unobtrusive clear hemispheres mounted in the ceiling, each containing a CCTV camera...
I guess those don't count when one is concerned with privacy violations. Hypocrisy much?

I monkeyed around with the Glosses on the weekend... They are cool.
I shot a little video riding my bike (dangerous- need video display blanking app when doing this)... I shot a little video playing the Dark Menace.
They would probably, in the right environment, be more useful (or useful more often) than a couple home-grown ARs... Perhaps not as soul-soothing, but from a opportunity-to-use standpoint I'd get more mileage from Glosses...

They have been factory-reset now and the Chief Propeller Head has them...
I'll be interested to see what he is able to come up with.
I have a new toy to play with...
I got a Google Chromecast unit for Christmas... It's been sitting on the shelf waiting for my return from the Far Side of the World. When I get back from this trip I'm going to see what kind of trouble I can get into with it. 
(Can you say "copyright violation' children? I knew you could.)

Onward, through the fog...


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

5:30am Flight to EWR

I hope this  one doesn't just disappear off the radar...


Monday, March 10, 2014

Borepatch Finally Got a New Bike!


Road trip?

Yes please!


Friday, March 07, 2014

Opulent Diner Refuses To Help Feed Poor Muslim Man

No.. Wait... Let me turn off the Progressive filter in Blogger.

New Headline:

"Man Attacked for Refusing Stranger's Demand for a Bite of His Burrito"
Ah. That's better.

24-year-old man walked up to a stranger sitting outside of a Seattle restaurant, demanded a bite of his burrito and attacked the victim when he refused, police said Wednesday.
When the victim refused, the 24-year-old suspect shoved the victim and again demanded a bite. When the victim stood up, police said, the suspect punched the victim in the head and ran off.

 I wonder if Seattle has a "Stand Your Ground Beef" law?


Thursday, March 06, 2014

6 Words

Don't you think she looks tired?

And hospitalized for a blood clot near her (so called) brain?
My my.
Spread the word.

(h/t to Midwest Chick!)

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Sunday Morning Musical Interlude

Wechselstrom / Gleichstrom - Vom Blitz Getroffen

Seriously- give it a listen.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kiss Cam Fail

The Kiss Cam at a University of Minnesota Gophers hockey game...
The dude is quite prepared...
In Minnesota - it's taboo to tongue-kiss your sister...
In Alabama The South he'd have pulled out the sign and still kissed her.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Black Dog Sadness

July 12, 2003 - February 24, 2014

You'll forgive me if I don't have words to express my feeling on this.
It's very dusty in my office and I'm having problems seeing the keyboard.

Please go visit Brigid and offer your condolences.


Monday, February 24, 2014

Canada Owns Us...

Bad enough that the Canadian women's hockey team beat the US Women in OT.
Especially when shit like this happens...

As Maxewll Smart would have said: "Missed it by that much."

But last night the US men screwed the pooch.

Man, the Canadians are going to be apologizing for that all week...


Rosa Khutor Snowfall

My man SpongeMark skyped me a lovely picture a couple days ago...

"It's snowing up here at Extreme." he wrote.
A cursory glance didn't show anything spectacular...

"You have to zoom in..." he followed up.

Russian innovation...
"Quick tovarische- go to town and collect all the bedsheets from Alexandrovskiy Sad apartments. Tell them it is for The Good of the Games. Do not bring back the ones with floral pattern."

I wonder what threadcount they are using?


Cone Of Shame - You're Doing It Right


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Well, I'm Not Going To Carry Him...

...But we've got to get him home after Closing Ceremonies somehow...


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sochi Randomness...

Working for the Company, I kind of fixate on our niche in sports- especially TV graphics and oddities therein...
One of my favorites from Vancouver was an interesting OBS graphic that illustrated one of the 'ZOMG! Athletes has a private life' pieces they were using to scandalize the 2010 Games.

0? Poor bastard. Forever alone.

This year some of my minions sent me a great graphic that I truly hope made the air...

Man. That takes the cake.
It's an OBS/WorldFeed graphic... Not from NBC thank Ghod.

I do loves me some fubared graphics...


Starbukkin' -

This is why we can't have nice things!

I doubt most Constant Readers even noticed it when it came across the WSJ, except possibly the most caffeine addicted of y'all out there...
But it seems that the super-seekrit Starbux spot finally made the national news...
(So secret it's been published by Yours Truly several times... Like here and here...)

An article was published in the Wall Street Journal and really threw a monkey wrench into the works here in Sochi...

After 10 days in Russia's sparse Olympic frontier, Sonari Glinton glimpsed a beautiful green siren: the Starbucks  mermaid on a crisp white coffee cup.

But after Mr. Glinton, a journalist for NPR, trailed the mystery cup for several hundred feet, its owner told him that he was out of luck. It came from the "office," she said—the Olympic broadcasting center where NBC has its own secret Starbucks.
Man- that sent the waves a-ripplin'...
McD's got pissed, IOC got involved...

Not a pretty sight...
All of a sudden there was a moratorium on Starbucks cups and cup sleeves...
Logos were covered with gaffers tape or otherwise obscured, all the unused cups were confiscated or marked for internal use only...

Nat, the caterer up at Rosa Khutor Extreme Park has too much time on her hands, modding these cup sleeves.

I think I'll send a message...


This Is A Test see if I can get past the Ring of Steel here in Sochi.

Please disregard, or...
Even better:
Have some vodka.


Monday, February 17, 2014

There's This Thing Called Irony... Perhaps You've Heard Of It?

I caught part of a current social activism program that is currently in progress on one of the cable networks, the channel I usually refer to as "NCIS Network" since that's all they seem to play- unless they are re-running one of their programs...
(I have to say I did enjoy the first couple seasons of Burn Notice, and Suits had a good start, but I couldn't keep up with them as they started to get even further and further from any kind of possible reality...)

So, last week I was noshing in the commissary -  In one of the  many program monitors that are installed in there, out of the corner of my eye I caught a segment of the current iteration of their Characters Unite program... The "I won't stand for _____ " campaign.

I saw it for a second, then tuned out.
As a rule I, try to ignore the overtly political crap here and just focus on my job...

Until I saw someone here wandering the halls with one of the program shirts...

This isn't the culprit, but it's one of these type of shirts.
Ok dumbass.
I don't know if you can comprehend this- but when you say "I won't stand for intolerance" I have to wonder if you have any kind of grasp on reality.

Really?- Because I can't believe you would try to wear this 'ironically', as a hipster might.
Because since I'm not part of your 'movement' (and when I hear that, I think 'bowel movement') the over-the-top irony just looks stupid.

Philosophically, this program (and the concept of 'tolerance' as it is being pushed these days) is asinine and self-contradictory in and of itself.
After all - shouldn't tolerance be extended to people that choose to be pig-headed, bigoted, prejudiced assholes?

If you want them to put up with you, should you be tolerant of them?

That IS want tolerance is all about... Right?


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Creepy Creepy Creepy!

This is the creepiest thing I've seen in a long time...

Not for the squeamish...
(If you DO watch, turn your audio up.)


Dunn Trial & Armchair Legal Activist Morons

Jeebus Pete!

The jury finally came back with verdicts on the Michel Dunn trial...
They did convict on 3 counts on 2nd degree attempted murder, and one count of "throwing missiles" but the jury was hung on the 1st degree murder charge.
 (Read all about it here at Legal Insurrection...)

Here's what grinds my gears-
No one I know has ever offered one word in support of Dunn's position or his actions.
Even my most rabid 2A proponents, my Open Carry advocates, and even the folks that I know are just waaaay over to the right of the cultural spectrum - Not one has ever said-
"Yep. I'da done the exact same thing. Dunn's my hero!"
The whole thing has been a pretty sad affair.

As with the Zimmerman/Martin trial, the label on the tin was NOT what was actually in the package... Just as Z/M was not "White Guy Guns Down Skittle-Eating 10-Year-Old Choirboy", the Dunn trial wasn't exactly "Racist Shot My Baby Because Music Was Too Loud."

I personally think that Ms. Corey once again 'overcharged' - the same thing occurred in the Z/M trial. On this case, she will go back and spend another shit-ton of taxpayer money to re-try him on the same charges. A do-over, if you will...

But it seems to me there is an entire storm brewing for the Low-IQ sector that seems not to have a firm grasp on what a hung jury (and resultant mistrial on the charges) implies.

Folks out there on Twitter (via Twitchy) are just blowing up...

Dumbassery on parade... But then, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
Sadly- Opinions are like assholes- everyone has one and most of them stink.
Twitter, unfortunately, lets way too many people circulate their stinky opinions among people that really don't care.

Y'know what doesn't make sense? You happy assholes.
Learn about case, the charges and the actual disposition before you shoot your mouth keyboard off.

Oh Desi... if it was only that easy to get away from the rest of you blue-state idjits.

Sorry- no. Nice try.

The last part of this one is closest to the mark...
Not necessarily the Justice System failing - Just Angela Corey, trying to make headlines and to make up for 'mistakes' in how she handled the Z/M trial.

Ok... Back to square one.
(Is there a way to make it so that if a mistrial is declared in a trial, the $$$ for a second trial comes out of the prosecutor's own pocket?)


Quote of the Day - USA Hockey Edition

"The American heroes are wearing camo. That's not me."
- TJ Oshie on being called an American hero.

T.J. Oshie leads USA to thrilling shootout win over Russia


Friday, February 14, 2014

Citius, Altius, Fortius

Faster, higher, stronger.

I'm good with that.

Pushing the limits, training harder, dedication.

As long as someone can train and condition themselves to run faster, jump higher, etc
Someone else can train just a little more, push themselves a little harder, and break that record. That's what world records & Olympic records are about...

But- where would the Olympics be without Figure Skating or Gymnastics, and all the other judged sports. (Snowboard, freestyle skiing, diving, synch swimming, etc).

And although those sports are nice and the are an integral part of the Games, I'm a little troubled with awarding gold medals to anything that is open to interpretation by 'judges'.

Give the folks who participate in judged sports medals- sure.
Just don't equate it with a gold medal in a track discipline, swimming or say, weightlifting.

The Olympic hendratris is 'faster, higher, stronger'.

It doesn't mention 'prettier'.