Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Someone, please just put a bullet in me now...

Let me just give you the items, and you can fill in the scathing commentary.

  • Riberi... Mental hospital part due.
  • IBC...Fascisti Mag & Bag guys.
  • NBC Commissary - E.Coli Cafe; Pasta, or is it PASTE-a?
  • Riding the buses - taking a different route every time. 10 minutes or 45, for a 2km trip.
  • Curling - Hours and hours and hours of curling.
  • Ribs for dinner - The red sauce was marinara, not barbeque...
  • More curling
  • Back to Riberi - 8:00am call to go back to the Sauze d'Oulx.
  • 90 minutes to the Mountains- 60 minutes of morning traffic.
    (And everyone knows how much I hate traffic!)
  • Scaring the driver with my snoring as I slept in the car on the way out to Sauze.

More out-of-context quotes:

"The NBC show has begun. We don't need no stinking athletes."

"Geez- I hope the webcam didn't catch that..."

"In order to get information, one must endure the bullshit."

"What kind of winter sport that involves snow gets delayed because of snow?"

"We call that place the LSA... Less Safe Area. It is an area with restaurants and pubs very nice, and low price. But people, they are not so nice.
So just pay more care in the LSA. In night time, consider to cross the LSA never alone."

IDS Employee going to McDonalds in IBC:
(Name withheld to protect identity. We'll just call her "Security Guard Killer")
SGK: I would like some fries, please.
McDonald: Would you like fries with that?

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Anonymous said...

Where the hell are my white buns on your oh-so-famous Uncle Jay site?

The Big Guy said...

You're looking for this...