Friday, November 09, 2007

Fun on the Menu - Di Shui Dong

A few evenings ago I posted a pic via my Crackberry of a menu entry at a restaurant here in Shanghai.
SpongeMark and I returned there on Thursday Night to sample the delicacies of Di Shui Dong, a Hunan restaurant on Maoming Lu near the Shanxi metro stop in Shanghai.

Di Shui Dong serves....Wait for it...

...Although I think they need to use a different word here.

There were several goodies on the menu in no particular order...

The classic - Dog. Shitzu or Great Dane, I don't know.
But only in cold weather. Why?
We surmise it's easier to catch the dogs when the weather turns colder.
They just leave the kitchen door open and the pups come in to get out of the cold.

I don't know which is more unappetizing.
Chicken Paw or Shredded Pig's Ear.

Braised bullfrog.
Not frogs legs... Just plain bullfrog.

Tripe tip or Fried Bullfrog.
(They have lots of ways to prepare bullfrog at Di Shui Dong.)

(Sorry about the focus)
Spongemark: "I don't care how many ways they flavor it. I'm not eating it."

Stinky tofu.
Truth in advertising.

Pig Bone.
No Meat. Just bone.

Matrimony vine?
I guess if you can get someone to eat blackbone chicken, you would have to marry them.

It wasn't so lucky for the pumpkin, was it?



Now, I don't want you to think that the entire menu was a horror.
Actually, it was some of the best food that I have found in Shanghai.

Hunan cuisine is very spicy... Lots of garlic, chili, peppers and chili oils.

Some of our dishes from dinner on Thursday...

An awesome fried rice... Fried egg, pork, green beans, mushrooms, green chilis, red chilis, a hint of chili oil and other spices.

Green beans with pork belly (a/k/a Bacon) and chili oil.

Fried Eggplant with peppers and chili flakes

Shrimp with fried garlic and chilis.
After the shrimp were gone, SpongeMark ate an entire spoon of the garlic & chilis all by themselves. Of course, about 5 this morning he was regretting it...

Get a close look at all this garlicky goodness... the fried shrimps, the chili and green onions. Oh. My.

Fried corn in chili oil with pine nuts.
This was great...

My favorite dish... Spare ribs.
You have to see a close up of all the spicy goodness...

Look at all the goodies here... Peppers & chilis, caraway, cumin, coriander...
I could eat 3 plates of these all by myself.

And at the end of the meal... Toffee Bananas...
Battered & fried banana slices with a crystallized toffee glazing.
Crunchy and hot and sweet and amazing.

Oh, we're going back... even if they *do* have dog on the menu.

TBG, dining out-


Anonymous said...

Chickens have PAWS??? Doesn't that word usually denote ... I don't know ... FUR??? I'm glad you're not starving anyway. Hey, write me sometime. I have news.

Anonymous said...

Okay, you have to figure out how to make toffee bananas and post the recipe. I *want* some and since my travels aren't taking me anywhere near there, I'll have to make my own.

The Big Guy said...

Well, I'll ask, but since my command of the Chinese language revolves around giving taxi drivers instructions, ordering drinks, bargaining with street hawkers, and negotiating with Filipino hookers, I might mixed results when I ask about the recipe.

But you never know.
I'll give it a shot.


The Big Guy said...

i loves my interweb.

i cans find anything in the world on my interweb.

Like toffee bananas...



Anonymous said...

you rock ... :)