Friday, November 16, 2007

Awesome news from Continental today...

Woohoo! My upgrade came through!!!

Business Class for the trip home!

Happy happy joy joy!

(SpongeMark hit me as I was doing my Upgrade Dance... Seems like *somebody* will be sitting in Coach for *his* flight home. Ha ha hee hee ho ho!)

TBG - still doing Upgrade Dance... W00t! W00t!


Luc said...

So I guess this would be the time to call Continental and tell them about the 6'5" terrorist on flight CO98 on November 21st?

The Big Guy said...

Please not to give SpongeMark ideas like this... He's -just- bitter enough to do it...


Earthly Mom said...

Business class is AWESOME!!! enjoy it while you can!

just dropped by to say hi!