Saturday, November 03, 2007

More Shenzhen pics

Just a couple more pics from the side trip to Shenzhen.

The Kowloon-Shekou ferry wasn't quite nice as the ferry to HK from Macao, but it was still better than some boats I have ridden.
The ferry terminal, however, could be a little better thought-out.

You know me, I'm all about getting there early.

If you get the there early, you have enough time to figure out how to get to your boat, even if they have confusing signs.

And believe me, with general admission seating and the way these folks elbow their way tooth-and-nail to the front of the line, you don't want to be lost in the crowd.

This is worse than the line for "Pirates of the Caribbean" at Disney World.

The boat is pretty nice though...

Well designed, aerodynamic, with hydrojets instead of props, which translates to fast-fast-fast. Nice.

Inside the boat is pretty nice too...
About as well-appointed as a typical US commercial airliner.

Legroom is about the same, seats about the same, but you don't have to stay buckled in the whole time. There is also a business class section on the upper deck.
Up there, the aircond works better and there are tables to work at. Pretty nice.

One last thing...

On the way from the LED video wall factory I visited, I got a peek at a Shenzhen auto parts store.
Want to but a steering wheel cover, or a power cord for your cell phone?
How about some maps? Everyone needs maps. Maybe some sunglasses?

Here, they load down a girl with all the pieces and parts a discerning driver might need and turn her loose in traffic.

That's creative marketing. Hello? Pep Boys? Are you listening?

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