Friday, November 16, 2007

Of Menus and Coolers

The Gearhouse Guys are a never-ending source of amusement to me...

There has been an on-going issue about the need for a cooler out in the TV compound.
They require a cooler for beverages and food that needs refrigeration.
Almost every office, skybox and hospitality suite has a large glass-front cooler in it, all of them labeled with Heineken or Pepsi logos.
It's not an unreasonable request for TV Land to have a cooler...

Well... They finally got one yesterday... on day 5 of the tournament.

"What happened? Wait... You didn't steal it, did you?" I asked Boundsie.
(Again, you have to ask. Because if it was a case of appliance theft, there is a good chance that I would be fingered for the crime.)

"No, mate. It's all good." he replied.
"How's that?"
"They didn't need it any more. No more drug testing after Wednesday." he told me.

So the 'fridge they are keeping their food & beverages in has, up until yesterday, been used to store urine.
I guess if they use it to store American beer it will feel right at home.


Fun on the menu - Minhang

Speaking of Boundsie, he sent along a menu to be included here...
Its from a restaurant not far from QiZhong Stadium. He said last year they used to go to this restaurant
quite often. Me? I'd go once, but after seeing the menu, I'm not sure I'd return...

Click to view full size...


Anonymous said...

You know, Unca Jay..."Fun on the Menu" is probably one of my favorite features but this one really takes the cake. So to speak. You'll be in our hearts (and prayers) during the potluck today. Come home!!!!

The Big Guy said...

Bad and Fragrant Sea Cucumber

Sounds like the name of a band to me...

Thanks Shaniqua... On the whole, I'd rather be at the pot luck too.

See you soon.