Friday, January 30, 2015

New Orleans - Part the First

As noted last week, the Woman Who Knows Most Things and the Perfect Child and Yours Truly made a little sojourn to New Orleans for some celebratory activities...
Figured I'd share a few more pics with y'all...

Good eats and drinks started early-
We hit the Original Oyster House on Mobile Bay for lunch...
My favorite- the fried crab claws!

About 3 hours later we were in The Big Easy...
We decided on a quick libation before checking into the hotel.

First stop- Pierre Maspero's on Chartres and St. Louis.
The girls had a Canebrake wheat ale by Parrish Beers- YT enjoyed a Hendricks Gin & Tonic... Ambrosia. (They enjoyed the Canebrake so much we had to stop and find a couple sixes to bring home with us.)

We checked into the hotel (using Hotel Tonight app - I talked about it before.. Did you get it yet? You should...) and then headed out for food and an evening of touristy fun on Rue de Bourbon.

We enjoyed a tasty repast at one of my favorites, Napoleon House. (H/t to Pete, who introduced me to this joint back in '94 or '95)
A plate of jambalaya and a muffuletta later we were on to Bourbon St. and the skies opened up... The rain was coming down in sheets which kept the crowds at a minimum.
First stop - Huge Ass Beer.

Several huge ass beers for the girls- and a half-assed cider or two for me, and we were feeling good... The place had a couple guitar players playing some nice bluesy music-
My man Rooster (above) had a good time with the very small crowd in the bar.

But- as much fun Huge Ass Beer was, we had to move on- Rooster was flirting a little too much with the PC. We hauled anchor and headed up the sidewalk to Maison Bourbon.

Good music was pouring out of the place- the girls gave a thumbs up.

I was intrigued by the sign on the wall... (I love hot buttered rum!)

Sadly, I was lured in by a canard... They were out of HBR mix.
I had to make due with my current favored drink- Apple Cider and Fireball.
(And this is where the wheels began to fall off)
The girls, feeling bad that there was no Buttered Rum, hot or otherwise, decided we needed shots.
Tequila? No.
Jägermeister? No.
Something different... Something...evil.
Pickleback Shots.
Jameson & a pickle brine chaser.
So apparently this is a thing now...

A couple shots and beers later and we were feeling fine...

The jazz quintet played 4 or 5 songs then took a break,so we moved on from there...

We had passed Saints & Sinners on the way to Maison Bourbon, and
they were cooking crawfish on the front porch- I was a bit peckish, and
know I needed more fuel to burn the alcohol- so on the way back we stopped in
and I had a pound of mudbugs. More beer for the girls- And another round of pickleback shots for everyone.
The PC had a few of the crawfish but I had the lions share...

The rain was still coming down, so we stopped to take shelter in a daiquiri & pizza joint-
The ladies tried to tamp down the beer & shots with a couple slices...

The rain slacked off so we headed back for the hotel, stopping only
to mug for the camera as I was trying to get a shot of a architecturally
pleasing building...

Due to an iron constitution and a body mass index pushing maximum density,
my blood-alcohol ratio was just perfect for inducing sleep without having to
keep one foot on the floor to keep the bed from spinning.
The girls- not so much.

I will spare you the details of later that night- Suffice to say that
the pizza and a good bit of the beer made a reappearance in a
very messy manner...
Stay Tuned - Part 2 is on the way.



Old NFO said...

What, no stop at Cafe Du Monde for coffee and beignets???

Teke said...

Cafe Du Monde is a breakfast stop.
However commonly has a ridiculous line.

Pizza on Bourbon St. Ouch that is some crappy pizza. It's greasy and sad but after a night on bourbon you usually don't care.
I tend to put down a few Lucky Dogs.

For breakfast try out Clover Grill.

It's a greasy little kitchen with horribly slow service on Bourbon with a grand total of 4 or 5 tables and an 8 seat bar. It's open 24 hours, and is a block past the stranger end of Bourbon at the corner of Bourbon and Dumaine.
I look forward to the rest of your adventure.
Http:// if your interested.

Or if you want to venture out tot eh suburbs there is City Diner with a stack of pancakes that fit in a pizza box. City

Sounds like An enjoyable time was had by all.