Thursday, January 01, 2015

Rose Bowl: Dead Horse- Beatings Continue.

Hate belabor the topic, but I put up with so much FSU rah-rah and I usually just roll with it because the FSU fanatics will never be convinced of the shallowness of the entire FSU program and the embarrassment it has become, and nothing will change my mind that FSU is probably the ultimate example of "Football Above All Else" that is rampant in Div1 NCAA schools.

That being said, we got to the transcript:

Q.  For Jimbo and the players, you guys have been a team that's been able to come back in the second half.  When did you feel like the wind started kind of getting out of your sails a little bit?

COACH FISHER:  After about the fifth turnover.  It had nothing to do with moving the ball.  We felt very good, even when it was 25‑20, we started driving again and had the fumble.  Even when they got 38, we were still moving the ball midfield.  That's three possessions.  You get a stop, a turnover, get it back to two real quick.  We were moving the ball.  Once it got up to 45, it pressed us, and we really started pressing and making‑‑ and didn't let the ball stay in our hands and turned it over. 
Again, felt very comfortable with what we did, our game plan, execution, the guys.  We just got to hold onto the football. 
Turnovers are the most critical thing and the outcomes of games.

MARIO EDWARDS JR.:  I guess I thought it was over or we wouldn't come back‑‑ like Coach said, it was just us shooting ourselves in the foot.  Not taking advantage of the opportunities we had to make plays offensively and defensively.  Eventually, it caught up with us.
So... Let me get this right- these magical "turnovers" you speak of...
I guess you have no control over them- a "turnover" must be something the opposing team has in their repertoire that they pull out occasionally...
Because where I come from a "turnover" is where, somewhere during a play, somebody FUCKS UP and the other team gets the ball.
And if you are MOVING THE BALL and you FUCK UP AND LOSE IT, then you ain't moving the ball.
If you get to the Red Zone and can't get the TD, then you aren't very good.
29-wins-in-a-row don't mean shit when you are playing teams like Nevada, Bethune-Cookman, NC State, Wake Forest, The Citadel and the Idaho Vandals...
(No offense guys - just trying to make a point here...)
The decent teams FSU played and won were mostly wins just barely eked out- and if you're so good at the clutch late-game heroics, what the hell happened in the Rose Bowl?

JAMEIS WINSTON:  It was never over.  Honestly, it was never over.  We just got beat, turned the ball over too many times.  But it still ain't over yet.  We can go and play again, honest.
Somebody want to go tell Rhodes Scholar Winston that when the clock reads 0:00, it's over?
And, no, no do-overs.

Word has it that Winston tried to throw in the towel, but the Ducks were able to pick that off too...

(Edit: I will have say the I heard Winston did show some class by participating in the post-game handshake, something a lot of the other Criminoles didn't do... If nothing else, he does get some credit for that.)


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