Tuesday, January 20, 2015

SOTU Commentary- Horseshit From POTUS

Nice to be back in the US-
Grabbed a USAToday (USAYesterday?) and checked out the front page...

The most laugh-getting quote:
'Obama steals his own thunder'-
... "And I'll call on this new Congress to join me in putting aside the political games and finding areas where we agree, so we can deliver for the American people."

What happened to the swaggering moron with his 'I won. We're gonna do it my way' attitude?

Considering he campaigned in 2008 with the "I will work with both parties to find solutions that work for all Americans" promise that he immediately broke- its interesting that he can make a statement like this with a straight face...
Lying weasel.

Of course, most of the horseshit he's shoveling won't pass Congress, so he and the Left will be able to point to the failure as "Obstructionist Conservatives" keeping the middle class down and using them as political ammo for 2016, rather than making proposals that might actually work.

Do anyone believe anything this snake says any more?

TBG - Back in the USA!

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