Sunday, January 18, 2015

SOTU & Taxes

So, from the news I've been reading this AM, seems that the ObamaMedia Sunday Morning Talk Circuit got their White House marching orders and started hyping the tax hikes that the President will be backing...
The one that amuses me the most is the 529 taxing.
529s (prepaid college savings plans) were
The plans were subject to taxing before 2001, but the law was changed- and since the Left never met a tax they don't just loooove- let's just put this one back on the books...
After all- Obama will be giving everyone 2 years at a ObamaCollege, ObamaSchool? ObamAcademy- yeah, that's good- (Community College) for free.
If you are a responsible and able to scrimp & save to be be able to put some money away so your young'un can go to a better school, well then, by jingo, you can give up some to Uncle Sam since obviously you don't NEED it.


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