Friday, February 13, 2015

The States - #2 in a Series

"My State" by a Local

Hey, you're the ones who legalized dope. I have no sympathy for you.

Yeah- I would want to get too far from my guns either.

Two words: Joe Biden

And the further south you go, the further north you are. Welcome to Dade-Broward, the 6th Borough of NYC.

The truth doesn't always have to hurt...



Luc said...

Florida: you forgot "snowbirds"

Anonymous said...

Florida: For English, Press 1

Flier389 said...

I'm hoping that this pot thing here in Colorado, comes back, and bites them in the butt. It's not going to make the kind of money they were hoping for.

Old NFO said...

Gotta agree with Miguel... And Florida has gotten worse since I was there in the 80s.