Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Letters To People Unlikely To Respond: The Guy Behind Me On The Train

I know you're pissed at her and all her drama. I know you're tired of her crap and her girlfriends, and her indecision and her inability to understand the phrase "Don't fucking call me anymore"
She also doesn't comprehend "Stop calling me", " I don't fucking want to talk to you" and the ever-popular "Quit fucking calling me, Bitch" and the 200 variations on these phrases I have been hearing repeated since Alexandria Va.
Let me offer you an alternative to these ineffective pleas you have been making.

Don't. Answer. The. Phone.

Turn that thing off, call block her, or just mute the ringer and put it away.

But if she calls and you answer, you're just asking for the drama to follow you around like an albatross.


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