Friday, February 27, 2015

Running Commentary On The Way In To The Office

What the actual fuck....?

You're looking for that pedal on the right, there, Speedy...

Yeah- that Obama sticker on your hybrid is kinda faded. You need a newer indicator that you're a douchebag...

Don'tchangelanes-don'tchangelanes-don'tchangelanes-don'tchangelanes-DON'TYOUFUCKING CHANGELANES!! Fuck! You changed lanes!

Shit- is that a cop?

Oh, you are such a moron!

Really? 35 in a 55 zone?

Everyone keep driving...that's right... Keep the traffic moving...

(While waiting in the turn lane)
Stop texting and watch for the light to turn green, dumbass.
Gorrammit! LET'S. GO. ASSHOLE. ifimissthisfuckin'lighti'mgonna... SHIT!

Jeebus, some people need killin', and you're one of them.

TBG -  Two-wheelin!


Luc said...

My own: "Yeah I know, all these dials and pedals and not to mention that big wheel in front of you .. it's all so confusing"

Old NFO said...

Damn, were you up here this morning? That same asshole was in front of me all the way to work!