Sunday, February 01, 2015

Pet Peeve - The National Anthem

Just watching the opening of the souper bowel- the girl doing the national anthem (Idina Manzel, who cannot, apparently, Let It Go) is destroying the pace and the rhythm of the song.

I've said this before- when a national anthem is played at a venue outside the US, everybody sings along...
Sadly, in the US, the typical singer massacres the song with flourishes, creative note, time and pitch change to the point that no one could possibly join in...
That, in my humble opinion, sucks.
Between that and people cheering in the middle of the song for obscure high notes and annoying howling, I've really started to dread how performers are going to destroy a very meaningful and historic song.



Steve said...

They should just get Enrico Palazzo!

Luc said...

I agree with you. I'm one of the rare Candians who knows the lyric of the American anthem and enjoy signing it. It is truely beautiful.