Saturday, July 13, 2013

Stereotype Much, Big Guy?

I was taken to task via email (I so wish to hell some of my Constant Readers would learn to use the furshlugginer "comment" button. Seesh!) for using the (relatively) new slang term "'Merica!".
Seems that one "CF" is unimpressed with the fact I am promoting a stereotypical "Redneck" persona of Americans abroad (the Ugly American Syndrome).

So I did a little digging...

"'Merica is the whole experience of America summed up in a stereotypical way. Eating anything deep-fried, shooting shotguns, getting so fat you attempt to use the force to levitate it (sic) off the coffee table, all compressed into one word.
People often say it when they see Americans doing things only Americans can do, such as:
- trimming a hedge with a chainsaw
- eating quadruple burgers with extra lard
- driving tractors in the middle of a freeway

It is often expressed in a proud and commonly exaggerated manor.
This phrase is one to be only used when the time comes to say it, like at a eating contest or at a mud pit wrestling match.

As there are so many people in America that truly express what the word is all about, there is one family that pushes it over the limit. They are commonly called the "Honey Boo Boo Family".
They are known to do the same, and even more, of the equally stupid stunts that typical rednecks would do. They are reported to relive acts of true 'Merican spirit, like drinking 2 liter bottles of DIET cola, driving trucks into frozen creeks, getting pointless tattoos of American birds on their backs, eating processed nacho cheese in a bacon cup, tucking their Ak47s in their pillows, ordering 27 Big Macs at McDonalds with a side salad, and so much more."

Hm. Sounds about right to me.
Except the AK47 part. Everyone knows true 'Mericans have ARs.

And nacho cheese in a bacon cup?
Pure genius.



Old NFO said...

OH damn, had me laughing so hard I snorted coffee out the nose and all over the monitor (that crap BURNS)... But you're right, we DO have those people here... sigh

Jennifer said...

Mmm. Nacho cheese in a bacon cup...