Monday, July 01, 2013

Man, That Would Suck

This will make things interesting...

Ramadan (GIMF) is July 8 to August 9, give or take a few hours, depending on your latitude and longitude.
One of the elements of the observation Ramadan is fasting from sunrise to sunset...

Well, up at the 55° 45' N lat, it's a loooong time between noshing.

DateSunriseSunsetThis day

Jun 30, 20134:03 AM9:31 PM  17h 28m 03s

Jul 1, 20134:04 AM9:30 PM  17h 26m 50s

Jul 2, 20134:04 AM9:30 PM  17h 25m 29s

Jul 3, 20134:05 AM9:29 PM  17h 24m 01s

Jul 4, 20134:06 AM9:29 PM  17h 22m 27s

Jul 5, 20134:07 AM9:28 PM  17h 20m 45s

Jul 6, 20134:08 AM9:27 PM  17h 18m 57s

There's gonna be some cranky Muslims wandering the streets of Kazan in the late afternoon and evening.
I'm going to have to watch my step.


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