Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Stop Helping Me!

Jeebus on an bright red pogo stick,
I think you people believe that I actually enjoy sitting in TSA interrogation rooms.

Just in via Constant Reader Luc, who hails from Canuckistan...

From: Luc
SUB:I have to share this one

How to scare the nosy bastard sitting beside you in a plane....

1. Take out your laptop
2. Open it slowly and calmly
3. Start it
4. Make sure the annoying a-hole is looking at your screen
5. Close your eyes and look up at the sky
6. Take a deep breath and click on THIS
Then say outloud "ALLAH OUAKBACH"
(Which is Frog/Canuckistani for "Allahu Akbar" - TBG)

Dude... Seriously.
Why do you send me this stuff when you KNOW there is an excellent chance that I will use this knowledge to do something foolish stupid incarceration-enabling?

Besides- it needs to be done on a plane with WiFi access...
Hmmm... Delta does offer WiFi To Go on most flights these days.

But wait...
How about doing it while standing at a concourse window watching a flight pulling away from the gate?
Perhaps an El Al Flight?

See... That's how it starts...
Someone sends a funny e-mail...
Then I wind up in a holding cell in Newark recovering from a pepper spray facial and sporting a size 14 colon from the over-enthusiastic cavity search.

Thanks Luc...
Back to your real job of kicking dead whales down the beach... ;)



BiF said...

Well done Luc. I see his reasoning in sending it to you after your last planned meeting with the TSA.

Oh and swf files can be saved locally, no wifi needed.

Anonymous said...

I think you'd get in less trouble if you called the POTUS a prick.

Just in case, we'll start collecting bail money for your release.....

The Mighty Skunk said...

I will be happy to write you a Windows EXE which will do the same thing, standalone. Or even an iPhone app.