Sunday, September 19, 2010

Look What's on the CalendARRRR!

Well blow me down, Constant Readarrrrs!
If it ain't "Talk Like a Pirate Day" again!

(If'n ye don't remember, here's a heap o' goodies from TLAPD from days gone by...)

And of course, we need a smidge o' piratical booty (both, types, matey...) for this year.

So. Pirate booty, comin' up. Here ya arrrrrre.

"Some of us are endowed with more than just a nice booty, if you take my meaning..."

"Captain sez he's ready to give your prostate exam now..."

"Set a course for the nearest Wal Mart. We need to pick up more conditioner and a copy of the latest "Twilight" DVD."

That's probably enuffa that, then...

On to Bad Pirate Humor...

Q. If a pirate's used to bounding over the seas in a pirate ship how does he travel across the country?
A. Why he drives a cARRR or hops on an ARRRplane just like the rest of us.

Q. Do pirates have false teeth?
A. No they just have a pARRRtial plate.

Q. Do pirates prefer MacDonald's or Burger King?
A. Neither. They go to ARRRby's, stupid.

Q. Why are pirates peg-legs made of wood?
A. Because they're all ARRRborists.

Q. That explains the raw materials but how are they designed?
A. They're also ARRRchitects!

Q. Do pirates go to bed early or do they like to stay out late?
A. Silly, pirates love to pARRRty.

Q. If the Village People sing "In the Navy" what do pirate people sing?
A. "In the ARRRmy.

Q. Do pirates work very hard at their profession?
A. ARRRdently!


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