Saturday, August 25, 2007

Coming soon!

If you think a Buccaneer is too high a price to pay for corn, please go to another site. I suggest this one.

However, if the term "booty" brings to mind chests of gold doubloons, piles of gems and pearls, and burying dead shipmates to conceal your ill-gotten gains, the listen up.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day be fast approachin', mateys.
You'll be needin' t' learn all th' correct language t' celebrate th' event.
You'll be needin' yer Pirate Name, and mebbe a name fer ye vessel...

Best take the Pirate Personality Quiz, t' find out yer true calling...

Some pirates live for the open sea, others join the Brethren of the Coast for the fine cuisine... (Mmmm. Weevil biscuits and grog for three meals a day!)

My favorite part is working with the crew...

Needin' a little wind in your sails?

On September 19th make sure you have your hatches battened, your sash buckled, and your horn swoggled.
In the mean time, I'll supply you with some additional tools to make International Talk Like A Pirate Day a success.
Stay tuned.

TBG (The Buccaneer Guy) out-


southernoracle said... pirate personality is The Cap'n. Is that bad? :)

The Big Guy said...

Why does this *not* surprise me?

I think it was the comment:
"If I get my shoes wet, someone's going to jail."

Was that it?


southernoracle said...

Ooh...I kinda like that! Maybe I should change it to jail...never thought of jail before. Hmm... My motto to this point has been, "If I get my shoes wet, somebody's getting a ticket."

The Big Guy said...

"If I get my shoes wet...someone's going to the brig."


"If I get my shoes wet...someone's gettin' keelhauled."

-or perhaps-

"If I wet my pants,...someone's getting candy and flowers."

Oh wait- that's Trep.