Sunday, March 27, 2011

There is a Special Hell...

...for scientists like this:

(Click for full size image)

According to St. Ass, this is real, judging from some of the seals and watermarking...
He said that at the time, the Soviet Union was doing anything and everything to beat the West in technological advancement.

Very disturbing...



Irish said...

w....t......f...... a robot to save timmy from the well?

Irish said...

Hi Uncle Jay,
I found this after doing some intertubeing:

I used "teh google" to search for " russian robot collie. There is a bunch of links for this post of yours.

The Czar of Muscovy said...

This has got a massive amount of fake stamped all over it. First, the Photoshop-like blending of real and conveniently suspicious documents.

Second, the very modern design of the cyborg itself.

Third, the lack of corresponding research, failed prototypes, and related articles on similar subjects by the scientists mentioned...which the Soviets would have splattered all over the West. Heck, we knew about their "psychic research" in detail because they wanted us to know about all of it.

Fourth, the fundamental flaw in the design: a collie could not control a humanoid-shaped robot because the pre-motor cortex would be totally unable to handle the vestibular aspects of bipedal motion, the lack of fine motor control on the hands (since dogs lack them), and the fact that a collie would make a terrible head for a cyborg, since those dogs shed like absolute crazy. Why not use a hairless dog? Also, with no ability to supply glycogen to the brain without a cardiovascular system, the brain would die in minutes.